Sink Into Me

Album: New Again (2009)
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  • This was the lead single on the first album released by Taking Back Sunday since they replaced guitarist Fred Mascherino with new axe-man Matt Fazzi. Fittingly it's called New Again. Fazzi explained to MTV News: "We wanted to put a new foot forward for the band... to try to show people that we're expanding the music and we can do something different and it will work. I just feel like every aspect of the band has taken a step forward. I think the chord turns and the song structures are just a little bit stronger and smarter. We've kind of collected this knowledge over time, just by writing songs, and I feel like we were able to put something together that was pretty unique... it's kind of like we decided to wipe the slate clean and explore some different things."
  • Frontman Adam Lazzara told MTV News about this song: "The music behind it is unlike anything we've ever done before. It's real upbeat and it's a song that when we start playing it live, will require a lot of crowd participation, which we're really looking forward to. And the chorus... we always try to open up in the chorus in the sense of the wider you open the doors, the more people you're gonna let in. It makes Kanye West sound like Sesame Street and that always makes me happy."
  • New Again was the fourth studio album to be released by Taking Back Sunday. The American rock band released their first longplayer, Tell All Your Friends in 2002.
  • The music video was directed by Travis Kopach (Thursday, Panic At The Disco) and shot over 24 hours in a Brooklyn warehouse. In a literal interpretation of the song the band are seen throwing themselves into black slime. Bassist Matt Rubano explained to Kerrang! May 2, 2009: "Over the course of the video, the stage starts to swallow us up and we start to sink. To enhance that effect there were literally hundreds of gallons of black tar slime covering the stage, the floor, our equipment and every nook and cranny of our bodies!" He added that the slime, "has the consistency of snot. At one point we went for the full submersion, and it went in our ears and up our noses and because it's so dense and expands, it was really hard to breathe and speak and see! Having a gallon of cold slime in your pants is less than a desirable feeling, and especially when it's for hours on end!"
  • Lazzara told Kerrang! May 30, 2009 that this song came out of jamming rather than structured songwriting. He explained: "(Guitarist Matt) Fazzi just started playing that riff, then Mark (O'Connell) came in on drums and we combed it over a bit, until, next thing we knew, we had a song."

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  • Ryan from Philadelphia, Pavampires. sharpen your teeth sink into me
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