You Know How I Do

Album: Tell All Your Friends (2002)
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  • This is a song about a guy and his girlfriend who both lead a life of partying, drinking and drugs. The guy says he's had enough of it, but his girlfriend hasn't so it's either give it up or he's going to dump her. >>
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    Adam - Dublin, Ireland
  • The song title came from the movie Made starring Vince Vaughn and Jon Faverau. Vaughn's character, Ricky Slade, says, "You know how I do" throughout the film. >>
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    Matt - boston, MA

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  • Eddie from San Juan, Puerto RicoI am not denying that adam did drugs, but in that video Adam was refering to the painkillers they gave him when he was in the hospital as a joke. But I think the song is about getting off drugs
  • Ervo from Muncie, Inyeah back in his younger days Adam had some alchol/drug problems. go on YouTube and watch his preformance of "Baby Your Beard Hurts" he has a hospital wrist braclet and says that he wrote it when we was on some narcotics. sooo yeah. but i do agree with Adam.
  • Ervo from Muncie, Inyeah Adam has the meaning down...i love this song.
  • Doug from Darien, Cti think that this song isnt just about a break up or just about getting over drugs, its about not doing stupid things anymore, and how Adam isnt standing for hazy eyes, which could mean hes stoned, bored, or crying. either of them works. The song is kinda about how the charecter is in a sense changing himself for the better, and not exclusively to drugs and a relationship
  • Brett from Boonville, Moi agree with sasha in the fist post. i don't think it's about the drinking or the drugs but about a girl. most of us guys know that when our friends don't like our girlfriends it's usually because they are keeping them home watching t.v. "Think of all the days you spent alone with just your t.v. set". his friends basically think he is wasting all of his time being with her and is throwing the band and his friends out the window. "The finest line divides a night well spent from a waste of time." while he's with the girl there's is nothing accomplished. all he is doing is wasting the entire night, doing the same thing he did the night before. "we won't stand for hazy eyes anymore" goes with the fact that his friends are not going to look past the fact that their friend is throwing their life away, and now they are going to do something about it. "smoked out in the back of the van" is what he's doing tryin to forget about how he's not happy in the relationship he is in. This is just kinda what i thought about it after reading of the lyrics a few times.
  • Tim from South Jersey, Njit's obvious this has to do with stopping drinking or smoking. I've heard rumors that adam was an somewhat of an alcoholic and maybe this sog is about him turnign over a leaf in life. "So sick so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick" Sick dealing with throwing up from drinking and tried from doing drugs. He's saying this life he's leading is getting old and wants to stop.Other things like "the finest line divides a night weel spent from a waste of time" possibly meaning its a wate of time unless he gets wasted. Or like "I can barely smile", he's no trashed he cat smile.
  • Caroline from Long Island, Nythis does have to do with drugs, "we won't stand for hazy eyes anymore" but i am so sick of everyone thinking that every taking back sunday song has to do with the fued between adam lazzara, john nolan and jesse lacey.
  • Rose from Bay Shore, Nyi agree with the comment below me.. except i think it has to do with the whole brand new/tbs thing.. but i definitely think its about a friendship, not a relationship
  • Sasha from Belleville, MiI actually think this song is a couple of guys writing about one of the guys in the group and his girlfriend and they're kind of telling the girl that she needs to back off of him. the part about we wont stand for hazy eyes anymore is kind of about how they need their friend to focus on their band or his life instead of coming up with excuses like she does as to why they need to use drugs or drink. and the "he's smoked out in the back of the van" is another thing about them writing about their friend. then the guy in the group who is tellin his girlfriend he wants to end it, thats where the "so sick of being tired", "and I can barely smile", "were both such magnificent liars", etc. comes in.
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