Boom Boom Pow

Album: The E.N.D. (2009)
Charted: 1 1


  • of the Black Eyed Peas originally posted this on the media platform Dipdive. It was their first single release for nearly three years.
  • This was the first song played on New York City radio station Now 92.3 after the Rock radio station WXRK-FM switched to a mainstream Top 40 format on March 11, 2009.
  • In 2010, told Rolling Stone regarding this song: "It has one note. It says 'Boom' 168 times. The structure has three beats in one song. It's not lyrics - it's audio patterns, structure, architecture. Lots of people say, 'Black Eyed Peas s--t is simple,' and I'll be like, 'No, fool, it's the most complex s--t you could fathom, that's the reason it works everywhere around the planet."
  • Fergie explained to MTV News that, "the concept of the video is the Peas' birth into the digital afterlife. So the transformation is us going into a sort of birth or cocoon and coming out the other end as forms of energy. It's a parallel to the music industry. Now everything is downloaded." added that the promo was inspired by the digitalising of the world today. He said that he hoped the video portrays "what it would be like if we were actually in the computer, if art was fused in it. [It's] analog life from a digital perspective becoming technology."
  • This was the first US #1 for the Peas. Their previous best chart placing had been the #3 ranked singles "Don't Phunk With My Heart" and "My Humps." Vocalist Fergie had previously recorded three #1s as a solo artist in 2006-07. Prior to this song reaching the summit, there had been only three other instances of groups following individual members to the peak position (excluding one-time acts like USA for Africa). The first time this occurred was in July 1986 when "Invisible Touch" became Genesis' first chart-topper, following four #1 singles by Phil Collins in 1984-85. In 1984 John Waite had a #1 hit with "Missing You." Five years later, as a member of the super group Bad English, he topped the chart again with "When I See You Smile." In July 2000 Matchbox Twenty's "Bent" led the Hot 100 for a week. The previous fall, the band's vocalist Rob Thomas had spent 12 weeks on top as a featured artist on Santana's "Smooth."
  • The song's first-week total of 465,000 downloads in the US overtook the previous record for a group. Previously the highest sum had been the 253,000 that Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" achieved in the week dated June 21, 2008.

    The Peas held the record for just over three years until Maroon 5's "Payphone" logged 493,000 sales in its April 2012 debut week.
  • has stated in interviews that this song was heavily influenced by the electro sounds he heard in the nightclubs in Sydney, Australia. He explained to Q magazine July 2009: "I heard all this club music when I was filming Wolverine in Australia. I met (Italian production duo) The Crookers there and loved their stuff."
  • This retook the #1 spot in the UK two weeks after being deposed by Dizzee Rascal and Armand Van Helden's single "Bonkers." It was the first instance of a song having two distinct runs at the top position since "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira three years previously in 2006.
  • In an interview with the BBC News, the interviewer took mock offense at the song's lyric about "stepping on leprechauns." replied, a bit flustered: "It's not about actual leprechauns. I'm rapping about, um, er... Cons. Convicts. Criminals. Who are leopards. Leopard-cons. So it's not offensive at all."
  • This spent 12 weeks at #1 in the US, the longest reign since Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" spent 14 weeks on top in 2005.
  • This was the top-selling single on iTunes in 2009. Runner-up was Flo Rida's "Right Round," closely followed by Lady Gaga's "Poker Face." Billboard also named this as the best-selling song of 2009 in the US in all formats.
  • The Peas were sued by Chicago musician Phoenix Phenom and her associate Manfred Mohr, who alleged that the rhythm and lyrics from her 2008 jam "Boom Dynamite" were copied in this global hit. Phenom said that she submitted "Boom Dynamite" to executives at the Black Eyed Peas' record label, Interscope Records. An attorney for Phenom and Mohr said: "My clients submitted their copyrighted song 'Boom Dynamite' to Interscope Records after Interscope had shown interest in some of their music, and the Black Eyed Peas later copied the song when they wrote 'Boom Boom Pow.' A simple listening of the two songs will tell you that the songs are substantially similar, and that the hooks of the two songs are virtually identical in rhythm and lyrics."
  • This song was sampled by Flo Rida on his produced track, "Available."

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  • Everlee from Tucson, AzI love this song so much ;)
  • Chris from San Jose, Costa Ricahey the second most downloaded song of 2009 wasn't right round, it was just dance.
  • Marissa from Springfield, Pai dont no what this song means but its a good song. It has a good beat. The black eyed peas are one of the best bands in the world or atleast thats what i think!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to congratulate n thank the black eyed peas for doing what they do Thank you, you guys are awesome
  • Tessa from Washingtonville, PaThis is awesome! This song is just sweet, and Jordan ( this song does not, but some bands songs do )
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvI hate this song! This song is so anoying! I can't stand it!
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiabackmasking? dont get me started......its all bulls--t..... well apart from the pink floyd one...
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiathis is way way way way better than my humps n all..... at least they're not talkin bout least i think nice tune...
  • Jordan from Union Grove, Txi heard that if you play this song backward it says "i love satan" will someone enlighten me pls
  • Stormy from Northport, MiIt's one of those songs that get's stuck in your have to hear it to itch it out of your brain!
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiai really really dont now what this song means and what it's tryin to say....but good beat...... well done black eyed peas....
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