Album: Wildfire (2021)
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  • In this soaring, romantic song, Heavy Hours frontman Mike Marcagi is looking to run away with his loved one, just like wildfire. It started out as an unfinished song their producer, Simone Felice, showed them. "He was like, 'Hey, here's an idea that never got finished. I think it's gonna disappear from the earth forever,'" Marcagi said on the Songfacts Podcast. "So the story of this song, it was really just a collaboration. It was so many different people writing and putting it together. It wasn't until the very end after it was recorded that we started to think about the lyrics, so it definitely is one of those songs where the story of the lyrics can mean whatever you want them to, to yourself.

    But the story of the song was kind of was a wildfire. It started out as an idea and then it just sort of consumed the studio for the day and we just went wild with it."
  • "Wildfire" is the title track to the first Heavy Hours EP, released in 2021 about year after they put out their first single, "Don't Walk Away," written with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Working with Auerbach and Simone Felice built their confidence in the studio; it all came together on "Wildfire."

    "It was the most fun song to record," Marcagi told Songfacts. "It had all of our favorite things all wrapped into one. I love singing this song because out of all of our songs that just has the biggest chorus that you just want to sing along with."
  • By the time this song was released, the band had done a pandemic RV tour, playing to 2-3 radio stations every day. It got their name out in the industry, and some of those stations added the song, giving the Cincinnati band a big boost.
  • The band had some fun layering different elements on this song. "We got this huge old fuzz pedal and an octave pedal," guitarist AJ Yorio explained. "The fun thing about this song was getting to hear it back in the studio with each added layer. From the very beginning we were all kind of in awe of the song, and we were like, 'Man, this is really turning out spectacular.' And then every layer that got added and every track that we added, every instrument we put on the song, just upped the ante. It was just like, 'I didn't think this could get any better.'"


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