The Kids Aren't Alright

Album: Americana (1998)
Charted: 11


  • This was inspired by a nostalgic trip lead singer Dexter Holland took to his old neighborhood, Garden Grove in Orange County, California. Many people he knew had met tragedy (i.e., car accidents, nervous breakdowns, etc.).
  • Holland: "You grow up in America, and you're supposed to have a bright future."
  • This song is an anomaly on Americana: the rest of the album explores other, more lighthearted, aspects of life in the United States.
  • The title is a takeoff on the name of a concert documentary and compilation album released by The Who in 1979 called The Kids Are Alright.
  • This was featured in the film The Faculty. >>
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  • Bmn from Hisuan, ArgentinaThis is prolly the best song ever written about Orange County. This song can be related to any modern city but I know plenty of people from Dexter's neighborhood in Garden Grove where back in the 70's and 80's every house was brand new, every kid was white and All American-looking, every hope and advantage their upper-middle class parents could give these kids was theirs for the taking- but it still wasn't enough to guarantee success (or happiness). And more than a few of these so priveleged kids failed at life. Chances blown. Nothing's free. They should carve the words to this song on the streets of Huntington, Newport Beach, Laguna,
    Beach and Mission Viejo. This might be one of the best, most priveleged places in America (and the world), but you're not guaranteed to stay living here if you don't get off your @$$ and work your chance that's been given to you- mommy and daddy won't be able to save you in the end.
  • Snorkyller from Quebec City, Qcalatriel: "the most serious song they've ever done". What?! Have you ever listened to their two first albums?!
  • David from Baltimore, PaIt is a somg that can really pull alot of people in. I liked it the very first time I heard it an dstill do. But another "serious" song of theirs would be Gone Away about the lead singers girlfriend who dided in acar crash. This is also a great song and out of their usual frame of music.
  • Emma from Leicester, United KingdomThis is one of my favourite songs, even more so the remixed version from the Wiseguys as it was a song I listened to a lot during a very painful stage in my early teens.

    For me it represents the happy, carefree lives we live as children and the naivete we carry, and usually how horribly it will change when we finally grow up and go out into the world. It's sad and a complete shame.
  • Staceey from ., Australiai know that this isn't the meaning of the song. but its become really important song to me and a couple of my friends (coincidentially named brendan and jay)cos its about not knowing what the future holds and although in this song its bad it might turn out good too..
  • Tyler from East Granby, CtUm, Bob, from hippy, i really dont mean any offense but i think the issues presented in the song are a bit worse than those you mentioned. I understand your relation and connection to the lyrics, but i dont think the song really meant friends drifting apart, so much as teens and tweens today being swayed by so much negative media. This has led many to be overstressed, disrespectful, text-absorbed, media-driven, promiscuous, drug and alcohol involved people who treat sex like halloween candy, bash their parents and friends, and dont grow up. Of course, there are much more serious issues that are not the person's fault, but those are some examples of stupid ones.
  • Soso from Somewhere, United Statesit's true though, what the song is about. our country is kind of going down the drain, people and society wise.
  • Bob from Hippy, Coi can relate to this song... sort of... i mean, when i was younger, me and the three other boys on my street were best friends.. and now we don't even talk barely. i don't have anything against them, and they don't have anything against me, we just slowly seperated. we went from hanging out everyday, to not even saying hi when we pass eachother in the halls at school. i know this isn't really even close to what the song is about, it makes me think of my old friends, cuz like in the song "longing for, used to be"
  • Diego from Los Angeles, CaI Have to say that this song really reminds me of my neighborhood. I guess you can sa that I live in the Ghetto and it sucks. I always see people throwing away their lives just like the ones in the song. It's sad really.
  • James from Gilbert, AzThis song has to be my favorate offspring song and has very good lyrics that lots of people can relate to
  • David Olsen from BÃ?rum, NorwayI think the melody recalls the melody of Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark: Electricity
  • No_id_please from Hippy Town, Coit shows how nomatter what you think is gonna happen things can turn around a bite you. its a great song. it also shows how beutiful suburban neighborhood can become a place full of sorow and regret.........
  • Jeri from Edmonton, CanadaThis song is very sad but it's a masterpiece
  • Kk from Umatilla, FlThis song can relate to so many people
  • Mary Lou from Wasilla, Akthis song reminds me so much of the friends i had when i was growing up and how they turned out to be. i find it ironic how so many parts of this song can resemble the lives of so many of my childhood friends. my best friend for example who was a straight a student back in high school had big dreams of becoming a vet. instead, she ended up dropping out of high school had three children by the age of 20 with a deadbeat husband who occasionally beats her and is now living at her baby's daddy's mom's house. There are other similarities besides only this one but I?d rather not list them. all in all, I think It?s kinda funny how things turn out sometimes.
  • Matt from Houston, TxI think you're referring to Pay the Man, which was right after Americana on that CD. Pay the Man is a cool style though, latino flavor with some rock...i like it.
  • Timmy from Loris, ScKieran, i hate you the opther songs are good to. This song was a great one and i listen to it alot now. The only other song that suks is the last one on Americana i cant seem to remember the name
  • John from Duxbury, MaTwo words. Great Lyrics
  • Steve from Grimsby, United StatesThe guitar work is amazing in this song done well with the vocals. I never realized until this song that one song could capture the emtion of a whole movie. This is high praise coming from me because I'm very picky.
  • Matt from Birmingham, EnglandDefinatly the best song by The Offspring, but the video was pretty freaky the first time I saw it.
  • Kieran from D.c., VaThis is probably the last good Offspring song. Every song after this one is horrible, including the other ones on Americana.
  • Bry from Bristol, EnglandThis song is sooo true there are times when ive felt all of that stuff
  • Kevin from Canada,vancouver, CanadaWhen i Listen to this song, it made me remember of something like it " Kid's aren't alright "
    It's Like what had happen to me
    Chances thrown. Nothing's free.
    Longing for what used to be.
    Still it's hard, hard to see.
    Fragile lives, shattered dreams.
  • Mariah from Miami, FlYeah, I didn't like it at first, but I actually listened to the lyrics and declared it my favorite song off the album. =)
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, Otherprobably the most serious song they've ever done, it's really their best. it's deep and painful, which shows maturity(or teenage angst)
  • Rachel from Waurika, OkThis song is one of my favorites off this album. It has a really good point. Its actually very sad.
  • Marie from Pueblo, CoWho care's about the other songs. This is a sad song because it is usually reality.
  • Chris from Hamilton, New Zealandthat robbie song was just called KIDS
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandThere was a song by robbie williams and kylie (cant spell her last name, so i wont), also called 'The Kids Are Alright.'
  • Marvin from East Brady, PaThe Who had a song called "The Kids Are Alright" from their debut album.
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