Your Heart Belongs To Me

Album: Meet The Supremes (1962)
Charted: 95


  • It took a few years for The Supremes to become Motown royalty, which they did in 1964 with a string of #1 hits written by the Holland-Dozier-Holland team. In 1962, they were struggling to find their footing, releasing various singles that underperformed.

    "Your Heart Belongs To Me" was written by Smokey Robinson. It was their third single but their first release under the Motown label (their first two were on the sister label, Tamla). It got a promotional push from the label, but got no higher than #95. It was their first song to chart.
  • The song is about woman whose man is away from home, serving his country in the military. It's similar in theme to the 1961 Motown smash "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes, and even more similar to "Soldier Boy" by The Shirelles, which was released earlier in 1962 and rose to #1.
  • The Supremes were a quartet when this song was released, with their original lineup of Diana Ross, Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Barbara Martin, who left the group a short time later. Like most of their songs, Ross sang lead.

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn December 9th, 1962, Motown Records released the Supreme's debut album, "Meet the Supremes"...
    Two tracks from the album were released as 45 RPM records; "Your Heart Belongs to Me" (it peaked at #95 the Top 100) and "Let Me Go the Right Way" (it reached #26 on Billboard's R&B chart and #90 on the Top 100)...
    The album was released in 1964 in the United Kingdom, and peaked at #13...
    Nineteen months later in July 1964 the group released "Where Did Our Love Go", and it would become the 1st of their twelve No. 1s.
  • John from Nashville, TnWritten by Smokey Robinson, this song became the Supremes first Billboard Hot 100 hit. It was also one of the earliest songs quietly addressing the Vietnam war.
  • Kristin from Bessemer, AlEven though this is a great Cha-cha-cha song, The Supremes, at the time when this song was released,were still known around Motown as the "no-hit Supremes"-
  • Jim from Dearborn Heights, MiAround this time all three supremes were singing on their first album Meet The Supremes you can here all three this was before Berry Gordy made Diana Ross the lead singer also Meet The Supremes had two different front covers one with them sitting on stools wearing black dresses and the other one just their faces
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