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  • Todd Rundgren, who made great advances in electronic music with his 1973 album A Wizard, a True Star, found himself in Norway in 2012 working with the DJs Emil Nikolaisen and Lindstrøm, making more progressive music in that genre. That collaboration led to "Global Nation," the lead single from his EDM-inflected album Global.

    His work with Nikolaisen and Lindstrøm didn't have much in the way of traditional lyrics - it ended up being a 39-minute track broken down into 12 sections, released in May 2015 as the album Runddans.

    In making that album, Rundgren came up with "Global Nation," which didn't fit the formula. When his record company, Cherry Red, approached him about making another album, he accepted and used the song as the basis for the concept. "It contained all the things that I wanted the record to represent," Rundgren told us.
  • This song is about unity on a global scale, and also coming together to protect the Earth amid a climate change crisis. In our interview with Todd Rundgren, he explained: "I wanted to get people to think in collective terms, and to think of the work that we have to do as something that's actually a joyous form of labor. And at the same time, get people to focus on this planetary worldview. Let's start with the assumption that the planet is a single, undivided whole, and let's see what little damage we can do to that."


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