No Sleep


  • Frontman Sam McTrusty told Kerrang! how this song came together: "Our bass player Ross (McNae) and I worked on this one together at our mini home studios – right back to basics. It was a new way of working for us and made the new album feel really fresh and exciting."
  • Even as they were writing the track, McTrusty and McNae had a good feeling about it. He said: "We kept calling it 'future music.' It was like we had tapped into everything we love about rock 'n' roll, but made our own version of it."
  • Sam McTrusty said regarding the music clip: "It's a simple video of us in our element. The textures projected behind and onto us were inspired by the album art we made for GLA."
  • Ross McNae told the story of the song to Artist Direct:

    "That was one of the first things that we wrote for the record and it was a load of music that I had put together and it was then Sam and myself dived into it and there was a real energy there, even before there was any vocal.

    The only vocal we had was' "No Sleep' as a chorus, even with just instrumental and that... we felt 'Man, this is exciting!' and then, for the rest of the album we focused our writing around that feeling."


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