Heaven Nor Hell

Album: Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (2010)


  • This song tells the story of a man who makes a Faustian deal, selling his soul to the Devil. There's a twist though: he steals it back, and goes in debt to the Devil.

    The absurd scenario is a commentary on religion, as the man has created this in his own mind. "It's a song that tells people to believe in themselves instead of using anything else as a crutch," Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen, said in his Songfacts interview. "The Devil is something that we create in our own mind - that's how it exists. And God, I don't know anything about that - He hasn't shown himself in all the time people have been talking about him."
  • Henrik Hall of the band Love Shop plays the mouth harp on this track.

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  • Brenda Futrell from OklahomaThis is my favorite song. The first time I heard it I became addicted to Volbeat!
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