Album: Superunknown (1994)
Charted: 20
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  • Artis the Spoonman became a bit of a celebrity after this song came out.

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  • J Howard from EarthCurly from 3 stooges was a hellava spoonman back in the day, look it up
  • Mauianne from WoodstockTo Rob from Philly Baby! Wrong Baby. Not about drugs Baby. "Well, all my friends are Indians (All my friends are brown and red)"
  • Rob from Philly Baby!This song is about 2 things... Spoonman obviously! And heroin... Coke... Meth... Whatever you can draw up out of a spoon and put into your veins. Drugs in short, like many songs. Our muse, inspiration and eventual destruction. All my friends are brown and red. Heroin is brown and the blood drawn into the needle to be sure it's in the vein is of course red.
  • Barry from Gagetown NbMe and a guy at work listening to and singing along with the radio both wondered what this is about and ... Well now we know! Hey Artis!
  • Elmer H from Westville, OkLove Soundgarden! What a fantastic song & background history of Spoonman. The song was still on college radio when I was an undergrad in the late Nineties & into early 2000s. It's still played on alternative rock stations in my region. The whole production on this recording is top quality.
  • Artis from Port Townsend, WaThanx Y'all, like it or not, believe it or not, I'm Artis - The Spoonman
    I couldn't be more honoured that Chris, Jeff, Ben, Matt, Kim, Susan and all the many peops involved respected me and my playing to produce this song about me. It's been about 20 years and the damn thing is still in rotation - not only as an oldie either. As for Soundgarden "making me"... Sorry, they don't get credit for that. When I was asked in 1992 if I'd be interested in performing on the record I had already performed twice and recorded with Frank Zappa, performed on Late Night to rave response and called the MVP by David Letterman, performed on David Sanborn's "Night Music", performed on television and at festivals in Japan, Australia, Singapore, England, Germany, Canada galore. Check my website for a more concise list. Thank You Soundgarden for the stellar bump. Sincerely, Artis April 2013 PS: I didn't mention the streets from Venice beach to Covent Garden, from Young Street to Bali.
  • Willie from Scottsdale, AzPop/country singer Jessica Lambert stole the riff from this song for her hit "Baggage Claim."
  • Ed from Chicago, Ilmy apologies to Kuzma...
  • Ed from Chicago, IlI have played with Artis in Portland and Seattle...since the 70's..He is the Spoonman, not because of drug use but because he took playing spoons to a much higher level.( changing keys, antique spoons vs. new, silver vs. stainless for tonal changes..That is why he is the spoonman..Jordan & Kuzma...do some research...idiots...
  • Adrian from Seattle, WaIve been to bumpershoot three times, and Artis has been there every time.
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiathe guiar riff is awesome...gets stuck in my head alwayz...
  • Anonymous from Someplace, LaThis song is on the game "Battle of the Bands". It's weird to hear it as performed by a marching band :)
  • Jeffrey from Petersburg, InLove this song. Awesome song to jam to. Superunknown is a great cd. the band is way underated
  • Kevin from Seattle, WaNot about heroin. Seattle natives know about Artis the Spoonman. He's still at Bumbershoot almost every year.
  • Kuzma from Moscow, EuropeCalm down! Spoonman`s not a drug user. It`s the one who plays spoons, usually in the street. He beats the rhythm with a couple of spoons in order to make some profit. I remember talking to Seattle natives who told me that there were a lot of them in the streets. And that was quite an impressive show. Actually numerous spoonbeat passages can be heard on the track if you would listen to it carefully.
  • Jordan from Seattle, Waheroin is heated with a lighter in a spoon before injected. im fairly sure thats what hes talking about "spoonman, come together with your hand, save me"
  • Raphael from Wayland, MaThis song rocks. The spoons in the background are the best part. Steal the rhythm while you can!
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoSoundgardens best, I am suprised not too many people have commented. I like the part where its just bass, drums, and spoons. If I am really tired, I usually listen to this song. It is soothing in an odd way.
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaGreat song. That really short solo does really well leading back into the amazing riff.
  • Marco from Stanfield, United Statesiv only seen clips of the video and it didnt make much sence! im confused about this it probably has some deep meaning and im not geting it! help me somone!
  • Jordan from Kissimmee, FlDefinatley one of Soundgarden's best.
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