Album: Space Invader (2014)
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  • Hah, what is it?
    We have some explanation for that?

    We have (not).
    Don't worry, continue your program.

    Oh boy it's a, it's a, it, it is really something fantastic here.
    You, you could never imagine this.

    Roger, we know about that.
    Could you go the other way.
    Go back the other way!

    Well it's kind of rich ha, pretty spectacular
    God, what is that there?

    It's, what the Hell is that?
    Go tango, tango!

    Huh, there's kind of light there now!

    Roger, we got it, we watched it.
    Loose comunication, bravo tango, bravo tango,
    select Jezebel, Jezebel.

    But this is unbelivable.

    Did anybody see George Jetson? Publisher: OLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT LP
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