Album: After Bathing at Baxter's (1967)
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  • Chemical change like a laser beam
    You've shattered the warning amber light
    Make me warm
    Let me see you moving everything over
    Smiling in my room
    You know you'll be inside of my mind soon.

    There are so many of you.
    White shirt and tie, white shirt and tie,
    White shirt and tie, wedding ring, wedding ring.

    Mulligan stew for Bloom,
    The only Jew in the room
    Saxon's sick on the holy dregs
    And their constant getting throw up on his leg.

    Molly's gone to blazes,
    Bolan's crotch amazes
    Any woman whose husband sleeps with his head
    All buried down at the foot of his bed.

    I've got his arm
    I've got his arm
    I've had it for weeks
    I've got his arm
    Steven won't give his arm
    To no gold star mother's farm;
    War's good business so give your son
    And I'd rather have my country die for me.

    Sell your mother for a Hershey bar
    Grow up looking like a car
    There are;
    All you want to do is live,
    All you want to do is give but
    Some how it all falls apart!

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  • Apsa from AfricaCaptivating song, musically speaking. Fantastic bass, subtle drumming.
    The horns are Spencer Dryden's idea.
    Grace and Spencer (who were lovers, then) shared an interest for Jazz music.
  • Malcolm from LondonI think the last line of the 4th verse should be (more like) 'let Constant Gedding throw up on his leg'. I think Constant Gedding is another character mentioned in 'Ulysses', together with Bloom, Boylan ('Blazes' Boylan - Molly's lover), and possibly Stephen (Dedalus).
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