One Day At A Time

Album: Analog Man (2012)
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  • Well you know,
    I was always the first to arrive at the party, ooh
    And the last to leave the scene of the crime
    Well it started with a couple of beers,
    And it went I don't know how many years,
    Like a runaway train headed for the end of the line

    Well I finally got around to admit that I might have a problem
    But I thought it was just too damn big of a mountain to climb
    Well I got down on my knees and said hey
    I just cant go on livin' this way
    Guess I have to learn to live my life one day at a time

    Oh yeah, one day at a time
    Oh yeah, one day at a time

    Oh yeah, one day at a time
    Oh yeah, one day at a time

    Well I finally got around to admit that I was the problem
    When I used to put the blame on everybody's shoulders but mine
    All the friends I used to run with are gone,
    Lord, I hadn't planned on livin' this long
    But I finally learned to live my life one day at a time

    It was something it was too blind to see,
    I got help from something greater than me
    And today I learned to live my life one day at a time Writer/s: JOE WALSH
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Spirit Music Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Bruce from Kasilof Alaska32 yrs sober . Thank You Joe, Thank You God
  • Joe from Collegeville, Pa, United StatesI'm 15 years sober and I can relate to Joe Walsh! Very proud!!
  • Littl Dog A Travelin Alcoholic from Fairbanks And Las VegasSaw joe walsh in Colorado Springs with James Gang (Funk 49). Awesome. I was s 20 year soldier 1970. Now with 19 years sobriety i just now heard “One day at a time”. Thank you.
  • Thomas Ramey from Villa Park, Illinois I am a great Joe Walsh fan and have just recently became sober. I have the Farewell Melbourne dvd set and heard him sing the song many times but not until 9 months ago did I really listen. Thanks Joe!
  • Richie from The Mile High CityHearing the word of God, I always questioned, hearing the words of Mr. Joe Walsh saved my ass and yes, sir, that f-ing phone was heavy! Thank you, sir, THANK YOU!!
  • David H Katof from The Worldthis song is everybody's life.. my favorite song. i love joe walsh
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