Temperature's Rising

Album: Nina Sky (2004)
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  • Temperature's Rising
    My body's screaming for you
    Your eyes pulled me in my soul
    Its trembling
    As we move closer
    Your innocent no longer
    Temptations taking over
    I want to feel you inside of me

    Let me take off your clothes
    Tear up your body's soul
    Hold on and don't let go
    I'm losing all control
    I want to hold you close
    Capture your mind and soul
    Endearing words we told
    I'm losing all control

    I'm losing all control (all control)

    I want ya body badly baby
    Just the thought it makes me crazy
    As you touch those fragile places

    Sitting here anticipating
    Got my body waiting
    Wanting to exchange my love for yours
    You make me scream harmonious melodies
    Our souls combine creating
    Sense and needs

    [Chorus: x2]

    Deeper than the ocean
    And wider than any sea
    You make me feel high like heaven
    Its more than a dream come true
    To me your like the sun brightening my day
    Happy ending of any story

    [Repeat: x4]
    With an angles glow
    You bring my soul
    Joy, joy, joy, joy


    I want ya body badly baby
    Give me your body baby
    I need your body baby
    I want ya body badly baby
    Just the thought it makes me crazy
    As you touch those fragile places
    Oh oh oh!
    I want ya body badly
    I need your body badly
    Give me your body baby
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  • Lauryn from Lewisville, TxI had no idea that nina sky were TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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