Album: One Hot Minute (1995)
Charted: 11
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  • I like pleasure spiked with pain
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Songbird sweet and sour Jane
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Pleasure spiked with pain
    That mother fucker always spiked with pain

    Looking in my own eyes "hello"
    I can't find the love I want
    Someone better slap me
    Before I start to rust
    Before I start to decompose
    Looking in my rear view mirror
    I can make it disappear
    I can make it disappear "have no fear"

    I like pleasure spiked with pain
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Songbird sweet and sour Jane
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Pleasure spiked with pain
    That mother fucker always spiked with pain

    Sitting in my kitchen hey girl
    I'm turning into dust again
    My melancholy baby
    The star of mazzy must
    Push her voice inside of me
    I'm overcoming gravity
    I'm overcoming gravity
    It's easy when you're sad to be
    It's easy when you're sad "said 'bout me"

    I like pleasure spiked with pain
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Songbird sweet and sour Jane
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Pleasure spiked with pain

    Just one note
    Could make me float
    Could make me float away
    One note from
    The song she wrote
    Could fuck me where I lay
    Just one note
    Could make me choke
    One note that's
    Not a lie
    Just one note
    Could cut my throat
    One could make me die

    I like pleasure spiked with pain
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Songbird sweet and sour Jane
    And music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
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  • Me from HereFunny to see so many interpretations, I think each person sees it through their own eyes. The pleasure spiked with pain, its S&M for sure.
  • Grayson from The Desertthe 2nd verse is a reference to Mazzy Star's "Into Dust" song. that's it.
  • Kate from MichiganThe line "Sitting in my kitchen, I'm turning into dust again" is about one of Anthony's relapses in the late 80s or early 90s where he traveled back to his mother's house where he grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He there in Grand Rapids attended rehab and has said in interviews that his mother's kitchen is one of his favorite places to be.
  • Al Killeu from Alabama, UsaThe lead singer of Mazzy Star is named Hope Sandoval and many sad dudes have had sexual relations with the notes from her songs.
  • Michael from Deridder, LaKinda ironic how Kiedis repeatedly says the f-word throughout, and yet there's kindergartners in the end of it....... ("Hey mommy, the Chili Peppers taught me a new word!" "What was that, dear?")
  • Zach from Jacksonville, FlIn AK's book Scar Tissue he says "Someone better slap me before i start to rust , before i start to decompose" was a cry for help to get him clean :)
  • Brea from Alabama, AlI love this song its one of my fav songs of all time I just never knew it was about drugs lol.
  • David from San Antonio, Txthey use music to fund a very expensive drug habbit
  • William from Pheonix, AzIts considerd one of the best Bass songs of all time...but o course its yeahh
  • Ben from Andover, KsThis song is Anthony Keidis' plea for help. Everybody thought that he'd been sober for the past 5 years but in fact he'd been using for the last 6 months. "Looking in my own eyes/i can't find the love i want/someone better slap me/before i start to rust/before i start to decompose" He's asking for help people
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe kids at the end sing "IT'S my aeroplane" not "YOU'RE..."
  • Austin from Smallsville,new England, --This song features a bass solo.
  • Dylan from Oneida, Wiknow what, i think its double meaning actually, sex and drugs....but the imagery used connects to drugs n syringes, pleasure spiked with pain....pleasure has to be the euphoria, spiked with pain would be how you feel not having it or that youre so addicted n obviously it kinda hurts injecting it in with a needle. i jsut thought that the pain of cheating your girlfirend would be so much more pronounced than just 'spiked', tihnk aobut it, he's an addict, the pain from the drugs is sort of numb or put on the back burner
  • Dylan from Oneida, Wii KNEW it was about sex!(to mike form NE)
  • Dylan from Texas, Txthis was one of anthony's least favoraite videos because of the cost to make it.
  • Mirna from Portoviejo, Ecuadorloking in my rearview mirrorrrrr
  • Mike from Norfolk, NeOne thing i forgot to mention is that the line sitting in my kitchen would refer to the first time Anthony smoked pot.His dad's girlfriend handed him the joint and started taking off her shirt and that led to Anthony's first sexual experience.I hope i helped.
  • Mike from Norfolk, NeOkay...Drugs are a possibility, but I've been reading Anthony's book, and in the book he says that when the Chili Peppers started to become local celebrities, he was having sex with all these girls.He said it felt good and bad at the same time because he was cheating on his girlfriend.Music was his aeroplane because it's what made him able to have sex with all of these women.
  • George from Jackson, Nji think its kinda obvious, pleasure spiked with pain is about sticking a needle in you and shooting up, music is his only escape. the star of mazzy must is refering to the cd he listens to when he shoots up in the kitchen ware he did most of his drugs. notice that hes not in the living room watching tv, but in the kitchen listening to music. Also heroin is reffered to as song bird sweet and the needle is the bad sour jane. just my take on it. thanks for reading
  • Walter from Antwerp, BelgiumProbably inspired -- I wouldn't say based -- by guitar evangelist Mother McCollum's 'Jesus Is My Aeroplane' from the 1930's.
  • Shreyashi Ganguly from Bangalore, IndiaPleasure spiked with pain, is somewhat akin to "bittersweet joys"... any artist or creator goes through that. while music might be the governing force for the band, transportng them to a higher plane, the pursuit isn't always smooth. there are frustrations to cope with and the dissatisfaction of not getting it out just right (as it had sounded in the head). Although what keeps them coming back to it, is the joy of being able to create music.
  • Richard from Bradley, IlThis is all about John's Hedonism addication after he left the band.
  • Lindsay from Blue Mountains, Australiawhen ppl comment on the fact that a particular peppers song is about A.K's drug issues you just have to know that it may be based about it but thats not the message the song is intended to give you you need to read into it more listen closer find the hidden magic that is the RHCP
  • Trevor from Omaha, NeAnybody else love Flea's bass line in this song?
    - Bob, Norristown, PA

    I totally agree. To be honest with you, the bass line is actually easy to play; for those of you who might have been wondering.
  • Ben from Oakville, CanadaI dont think flea once said that he invented slap bass. Secondly, he didnt "steal" any bass line, it may be similar but hes playing what suites the song, which is in g minor.
  • Grayson from Cleveland, Ohthe part in the song "the star of Mazzy must, push her voice inside of me" is taken from the mazzy star song "dust" off of Mazzy Star's second album. it is a very mellow song and before the aforementioned line above, Anthony sings, "i'm turning into dust again..." taken very much so from the song "Dust" by Mazzy Star. and "Mazzy Star" isn't the name of the female singer, but the name of the whole band. much like "Pink Floyd" is not a person, but the name of a band. the Mazzy Star album "Dust" is from is also from the same album as the song "Fade Into you", which was prett y popular. it is a mellow, but great album. very conducive for getting high...
  • Darren from Bombay, Indiareally terrible song....this band is ordinary except for the bass player.
  • Mikey from North Bay, Canadaguys, that bassline maybe awesome..but if you check out one song by Larry Graham, former bassplayer for Sly and the Family Stone, and pretty much the man behind making electric slap famous, you will see flea copped it and didnt give a bassplayer magazine interview flea said the line was a very "generic" bassline, what he meant is that he stole it and chalked it up to it being done before...I cant remember what song but its in G Minor and is almost the exact same thing...i would believe larry came up with it first since he is the one who inspired flea
  • Katie from Your Mom, United Statesthe song is about A.K's drug the book.
  • Lisa from Melbourne, Australiayeah i think Aeroplane is basically about Music acting as an aeroplane, and your love for it takes you higher to another place... :)
  • Evan from Philadelphia, PaThis song is awesome. I play the bassline all the time; it's really funky and unique. Also, this song isn't about drugs-it's about how music makes them move. Also, to marko, "Melancholy Baby" is a book that Flea likes.
  • Ryan from Suffolk, Nyincredible bassline, one of the best ever
  • Billy from Boston, MaThis would be a good song if they cut out the annoying little kids in the background.
  • Brian from Baton Rouge, Lathe line "...the star of mazzy must, push her voice inside of me..." is in reference to singer Mazzy Star, who actually has an amazing voice.
  • Marissa from Geneva, FlDoes anyone one know what mazzy must is? the lyrics say "my melancholy baby the star of mazzy must" PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!i really want to know what it means!!!!!!
  • Danno from Sussex, Englandthe bass on this song is unrivalled... the only better bass i can think of is the solo In Coffee Shop... Flea is a GOD...
  • Marko from Melbourne, Australia"i'm overcoming gravity" "my melancholy baby" man this song is about drugs and the affects of drugs, and from what i remember he said that in scar tissue
  • Brian from Corpus Christi, TxFlea has to be one of the best bass players of all time, next to John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin of course.
  • J from Londonish, Englandflea had a song on some gospel album he owned called 'jesus is my aeroplane' and that's what initially inspired the song
    im not too sure about the details of the lyrics
  • Bob from Norristown, PaAnybody else love Flea's bass line in this song?
  • Paul from Edinburgh, ScotlandAnthony is the one whole fell into the pool. It was while they were doing the "swings" scene and I think the swing broke or he slipped and fell in!
  • Kate from Sandusky, Ohanother interpretation is that it is about drugs. "i like pleasure spiked with pain" could be talking about shooting up.....the pain with the needles and the pleasure that comes with it.
  • Liz from Surrey, Englandone of them fell into the pool whilst filming the video.
  • Ty from Niagara Falls, CanadaDoes anyone else think this song is about sadomasochism? Never heard that any of the Peppers were into that stuff, but I wouldn't put it past them.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandIn the video, the water in the pool is freezing cos they went over budget and couldn't afford to heat it!
  • Nick from Paramus, NjOne interpretation of this song is that it is about the repressed frustration that Anthony went through having to find a replacement guitar player again because it reminded him of Hillel.
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