Album: One Hot Minute (1995)
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  • Could you turn up the track a little bit, please

    My mouth fell open
    Hoping that the truth would not be true
    Refuse the news

    I'm feeling sick now
    What the fuck am I supposed to do
    Just lose and lose

    First time I saw you
    You were sitting backstage in a dress
    A perfect mess

    You never knew this
    But I wanted badly for you to
    Requite my love

    Left on the floor
    Leaving your body
    When highs are the lows
    And lows are the way
    So hard to stay
    Guess now you know
    I love you so

    I liked your whiskers
    And I liked the dimple in your chin
    Your pale blue eyes

    You painted pictures
    'Cause the one who hurts can give so much
    You gave me such

    Left on the floor
    Leaving your body
    When highs are the lows
    And lows are the way
    So hard to stay
    Guess now you know
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  • Joe Pasquinyak from Cleveland, OhThis album didn't get the respect that it should have. I thought all of the songs were fantastic and unique! The B-sides were very creative too! Along with that I thought this album was incredibly diverse, I just love this album :D!!!! It's too bad things couldn't work out with Dave Navarro...
  • Kat from Belfast, United KingdomActually, Samantha. The reason Kurt is reffered to wearing a dress is because, as the lyric satess, the first time Kiedis met Cobain he was "sitting back stage in a dress."
  • Annelies from Amsterdam, Netherlandsthe first time i heard the song and listened to the lyrics i knew right away it was about kurt. and it was beautiful.
    its awesome he can openly describe a man and admit his love for him (ex-whiskers, dimple in the chin).
    too many singers nowadays are too "proud" or think they too macho.
    its beautiful
  • Samantha from Rahway, Akthe reason he says he was in a dress is exactly for that reason. kurt felt that he should be able to wear a dress and no one should care. thats one of the MANY reasons why i love kurt. he didn't care what people thought. this song brough tears to my eyes as soon as he started describing kurt. <33
  • John from Pittsburgh, PaWOW, Chilis and Cobain in one song
    can life get better, i submit that it cannot
  • Kjway from London, Englandbless kurt kobain!went deep where things are
    he found them so spared,, he took them, brought them up, gave them to us and went back there in a tidy place. Nirvana and Red Hot? can listen to it all day ! dance and brake !!
  • Lilac from Washington Dc, Dcthe first time i heard this song it brought chills down my spine. RIP KURT
  • Rachael from Nowhere, PaYeah if you know Kurt or anything, you might think it's about a girl because he says"first time I saw you-you were sitting backstage in a dress" and its clear its about Kurt, and Anthony states it in his book too.
  • Josef from Corpus Christi, TxAnthony just wanted to point out how sad he was to lose such a good freind. Kurt was a man who felt pain throughout most of his life in which why he had such a strong addiction to H...
  • Josef from Corpus Christi, TxThis song sounds way different when you are tripping...Especially the begining of the song.
  • Mark from Fort Worth, TxThis song was written for kurt cobain after he died. the chili peppers where good friend with kurt and even played a few shows together and shared similar habits like well, haroin. both Nirvana and the chili peppers are amazing. so you thinking it is a love song to a girl, you need to take a look at the lyric sheets. "i love your wiskers and the dimple in your chin?"
  • Emitremmus from Desolation Row, United Statesrocco, does ur girlfriend by any chance have whiskers?
    in the lyrics: "i love ur whiskers and i luv the dimple in ur chin", etc.
    just wondering LOL
  • Rocco from Naples, ItalyReminds me of the days i knew my girlfriend in 1999, i listened to it thinking of her and i started falling in love with her. Today our feelings are very different even if we're still together. That's life!!!
  • Jackey from Detroit, MiIan and Josh, you didn't know Kurt, and Anthony did. Anthony obviously loved Kurt for the man he was, not the songs he wrote. And he would not write a song about a "hateful man."
  • Angelica from Charlotte, Ncanthony is awesome. thanks. i miss kurt
  • Josh from Palmerston North, New Zealandi agree with ian kurt cobain was a hateful man that happened to right good music. Good song though
  • Karis from London, Englandi read the lyrics to tearjerker in scar tissue and would like to say thanks anthony i couldn't have put it better myself keep up the good work!!!
  • Ian from New York, NySorry to be such a jerk but i don't understand why Kurt is considered to be a god by every one. I mean sure he had a great sense of how to write a good grunge song, but he doesn't even begin to deserve the prasie he gets. On a more pleasent side this is a great song.
  • Amanda from Waurika, Okbrilliant song it brought tears to my eyes when i heard it... Kurt ws brilliant and if you get a picture of him and stare at it while you listen to this song it will surely bring tears to your eyes as well
    So Anthony, All i have to say is this
    Kurt was a beautiful guy thanks for singing about such beauty
    Oh i will say this as well
    You are a brilliant dude Anthony
    So kudos to you *raises mug of beer to Anthony*

    Oh and hey rachel what's up....hehe

    Immortaly Luthien
  • Rachel from Waurika, OkI went home yesterday and downloaded this song. The reason for doing that was because i have never heard this song i just read the lyrics and realized i had to hear it. After hearing it i realized i loved even more.^_^YAY!
  • Tim from Manassas, Vathis song is amazing...
  • Rachel from Waurika, Okthats a great song. More people should write about Kurt in their music.
  • Esther from Liverpool, Englandreminds me of my ex boyfriend :)
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