Album: Beautiful Mind (2022)
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  • B squared beats
    (Oh-woah) What you mean, what happened?

    Uh, you ever feel like you worthless? (Graah)
    Like you ain't worth shit? (Yeah)
    And I know that I ain't perfect
    But you know that I'm worth it (Yeah)
    Tryna find somethin' to do in my time
    Ease my pain, get you off of my mind
    Three cell phones, I been on my grind
    No more love means no more lies
    And I tried (Yeah)
    Lord knows I tried (Yeah, yeah)
    Smokin' dope back to back, I'm fried (Fried)
    Thuggin' for three days see the pain in his eyes (Yeah)
    Tryna get over pride (Yeah, yeah)
    And I'm here to let 'em know (Let 'em know, gotta let 'em know)
    Uh, if you love 'em, don't let 'em go (Let 'em go, tell me, why would you ever let 'em go?)
    I found your headband on my bedroom floor
    The only evidence that you've been here before
    I don't get waves of missin' you anymore
    They're more like tsunami tides in my eyes (Yeah-yeah)
    Remember all of the times, on Pinellas Point Drive
    Actin' like you was fine, a broken heart in disguise (Yeah)
    Loved a nigga to death, even though I was tellin' lies
    The day that we run away, all the stars align
    It's the same old thing (Yeah)
    It's the same old song (Yeah)
    One day you're here, next day you're gone (Gone)
    All of the fussin', all of the fights
    All the early mornings, and the long nights
    All the who's right's, and all the who's wrong's (Woah, yeah, yeah)

    Just to end up alone (All alone, end up alone)
    Just to end up alone (All alone, just to end up alone)
    Just to end up alone (All that work, all that time)
    I don't wanna be alone
    I don't wanna be—, I don't wanna be—
    Don't leave me alone

    Aye let me hear that Tino
    Let me see where I'm at with that bit
    Graah, graah


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