Donde Estas Corazon?

Album: Pies Descalzos (1996)
  • donde estas corazon?
    ayer te busque
    entre el suelo, y el cielo, mi cielo
    y no te encontre
    y puedo pensar que huyes de mi
    porque mi silencio una corazonada
    me dice que si
    donde estas corazon?
    ven regresa por mi
    que la vida se me vuelve en ocho
    si no estas aqui
    y quiero pensar
    que no tardaras
    porque en el planeta no existe
    mas nadie a quien pueda yo amar


    donde estas corazon?
    ayer te busque
    donde estas corazon?
    y no te encontre

    donde estas corazon?
    saliste de aqui
    ay buscando quien sabe
    que cosas
    tan lejos de mi
    y puedo pensar
    y vuelvo pensar
    que no tardaras
    porque en el planeta
    no existe mas nadie
    a quien pueda yo amar


    te busque
    en al amario
    en al abecedario
    debajo del carro
    en el negro en el blanco
    en los libros de historia
    en las revistas
    y en la radio
    te busque por las calles
    en donde tu madre
    en cuadros de botero
    en mi monedero
    en dos mil religiones
    te busque hasta
    en mis canciones

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  • Armando from Caracas, VenezuelaThis song actually saved her from losing her record deal, after it appeared on the Nuestro Rock compilation, the label liked the new sound and decided not to drop her, it led to the release of her international debut album, her greatest, Pies Descalzos. All of that thanks to her agent (May she rest in peace) Patricia Margarita Téllez, she was the one that pulled out the song.
  • Bernard from Caracas, South AmericaShakira is one of the very few Latin rock female singers who has any quality, she has very creative lyrics...she must still be looking for her boyfriend
  • Casie from Denver, CoIm a 13 yr old girl that knows 5 languages.I lived in a spanish country and omg does she rock,I love her. This isnt my favorite album of hers,actually mt favorite album of hers is Donde estan los ladrones? Meaning where are the robbers. She rocks,she is so talented,nobody would have a voice so great,I mean a lil difference with Christina Aguilera but she is fantastic. In this song it explains that her boyfriend is gone and she looks for him everyway and she is worried and she thinks that she was his problem,that she wasnt enough for him so she is broken hearted.
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