Right Turn


  • This song on the album jacket is credited to a group called "Alice Mudgarden." The name is a combination of the band names "Alice In Chains," "Mudhoney" and "Soundgarden." The group itself is Alice In Chains with Mudhoney frontman Mark Arm and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. >>
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    Chris - Andover, MN

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  • Gema from Riverside, Casame thing on his solo stuff, he had a gf of 7 years..and he wrote about her a lot, like in the song "Angel Eyes"
  • Michelle from Vallarta, MexicoCan anyone tell me something about jerry cantrell?
    is he married or did he ever dated someone?
    it's just that he writes a lot about her girlfriends or for them.
    Some examples are heaven beside you, down in a hole, gone, right turn, over now...
    It just seems like they really afect him in a deep way.
  • Erin from Tulsa, OkJerry Cantrell said it "was a take on how women and men view each other".
  • Dan from Special TowneIncredible vocals on this track, spectacular really.
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