Album: Infinite Arms (2010)
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  • This is the first single from Infinite Arms, the third album of indie rock group, Band of Horses.
  • This song appears to be a hypothesis on the existence of God. However, frontman Ben Bridwell makes no great claims about the track. "I don't really know what that one is about," he told The NME. "No, really," he continued. "It's not anything about religion or any of that kind of s---t. That's one of the songs that kind of tapped me on the shoulder and wrote itself. I was on a lake among a bunch of trees and s--t and that's just what came out, man. Sometimes they write themselves."
  • Bridwell told The Skinny: "This was a song we recorded three times before we actually got the style that we wanted. It was all live in the studio except for the vocals. I've seen people leaving comments that the song sounds really produced when we just did it three times and chose a live version of it. I don't know how you can over-produce that."
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