She's On Fire


  • I Like Music asked Craig David which track he enjoyed laying down most on the album. He replied: "It was probably 'She's On Fire' because I had a lot of fun writing the song. It's talking about how a girl wasn't really a great looker at school, she was the one who focused on her studies and wasn't running around with the older boys to be ahead of her age. The gist of it is that over the period of time of leaving school, the girls who ran around with the older guys and trying to be 'it' are now in a situation where they've now got a couple of kids, two different fathers, not in a stable relationship, whereas the girl who focused on her studies and went on to university, now, it's a cliché, but her glasses are off, her hair's down, her body's formed and she looks amazing. So it's saying, take your time, there is no mad rush but sometimes people feel like when they're at school they know best, don't we all. But I had fun making it, and it's got a real hip hop meets reggae style, the music I listened to growing up as a kid and it's got me doing a little rap on it and I was able to have a free rein on it."


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