Album: The Lost Children (2005)
  • This song is about a relationship with someone who keeps coming in and out of your life, and every time they come back they screw up your whole world. Guitarist Dan Donegan told Artist Direct: "As far as the message and the meaning goes, a lot of David's stuff lyrically is relationship-related. That's another one of those situations. I think it's more so about a person who's coming in and out of your life in a relationship, and it brings you 'Hell.' [Laughs]."
  • The song was recorded in early 2005 at Groovemaster Studios in Chicago and originally appeared as a B-side from the band's single "Stricken."
  • In 2011 it was re-released as the first single from Disturbed's first-ever B-sides compilation album, The Lost Children.
  • The song was a bonus track on the UK and Tour edition of Ten Thousand Fists but was left off the American release. Donegan explained why to Artist Direct: "At the time, we thought, 'Hell' is such a cool song, but we want to leave it off hoping we can find the right outlet for it at the right time—whether it be a soundtrack or a sporting event. We left it off because we felt it was such a strong song. The song was always in the back of our minds."

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  • Jennie from Ansonia, CtMy sister and I think this song would be perfect playing in the background of an episode of Dog: The Bounty Hunter!
  • Gabby from Or,Well as one of my all time favriote songs I give it a 5 outa 5!! If you don't like it thats just you I don't mind, Just if you don't like it do't go around saying its devil music and if you listen to it you will go to hell! PLEASE!?
  • Gabreya from Pine Bluff, AkWord. People go through bad relationships and get out of them. Just as long as they don't take the crap with them to the new one.
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