by Eels

Album: Beautiful Freak (1996)


  • This a song about having a form of schizophrenia. He hears voices and dresses in his mothers clothes - everyone thinks he's "Mental" but he is explaining that it's because of his confusion with the world: "The only truth is that everything is a lie." It sounds like he suffered from abuse as a child: "They say I'm mental but I'm just confused, they say I'm mental but I've been abused." >>
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    Paul - Warrington, England

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  • Mike from Ho Chi Minh City, OtherDon't know about abuse, but Mark Oliver Everett, who basically _is_ the Eels as it's more of a collective than a band, did have a disturbed/disturbing early life. His dad died when he was a kid and he basically dropped out - drink/drug problems, crashed out of school etc.... Isn't the whole point of the song that the singer _doesn't_ have a "real" mental illness, that's just what "they say"?
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