Album: Escape (2001)
Charted: 1 3


  • This sensitive ballad became very popular after the September 11 attacks on the US in 2001. It was a very big hit with Enrique's female fans.
  • Iglesias attributes the success of this to a combination of good lyrics, melody, and excellent production. He feels those 3 qualities need to work together to make a timeless hit.
  • Iglesias performed this at the 2001 Tribute To Heroes telethon, which aired Sept 21, and raised over $150 million for victims of the terrorist attacks.
  • This was a #1 Adult Contemporary hit in the US. It continues to get lots of play on "Lite Rock" radio stations.
  • Chrysler used this in a commercial for the 2002 Jeep Liberty.
  • This song featured prominently in the 2010 comedy movie Hot Tub Time Machine.
  • Iglesias said on VH1's Behind The Music: Enrique Iglesias regarding performing this song on A Tribute To Heroes: "That is the one moment in my career that I'll probably always remember, walking around that studio and seeing all these legends, there was no egos, it was about that moment and trying to help out and trying to make, trying to make it better with music. After I was done singing the song, looking around, everybody was crying. I almost felt like crying. It was unlike anything I've ever felt in my whole life."
  • The video, directed by Joseph Kahn, follows Iglesias as a criminal on the run with his girlfriend, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Actor Mickey Roarke plays one of his pursuers, who eventually kills him at the end of the video. The UK version gives a more hopeful outlook as Iglesias still moves his legs, implying he survives Roarke's attack. Other videos Kahn directed in 2001: U2's "Elevation" and "Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of," Papa Roach's "Between Angels And Insects" and Garbage's "Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)," to name a few.

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  • Kintu Goodwin Emmanuel from Ugandai like this song so much because it brings out the real meaning of love and feeling of passion towards someone you love
  • Harold from University Park, PaAnyone notice around the 3:00 mark Enrique appears to stutter on "have I lost my mind," saying what appears to be "have I lost my humminah mind" (he mutters something there). My theory is that he accidentally started to say "head" or something but corrected himself.
  • Desiree from Surrey, Bci love this song but I can no longer listen to it because my best friend loved this song and it was played at her funeral
  • Anthony from Phoenix, AntarticaI really like this song because it sounds really nice and it has alot of meaning behind it! I really like this muic video because he is being beat up and killed to save this girl as if he was her hero!
  • Alex from Chicago, Ilfor those that dont like the video because he gets beat up by an old guy 1 the old guy is in a secret agency 2 he used cheap shots 3 he used a weapon
  • Christie from Watsontown, Pain the music video on youtube, jenifer love hewitt was in it! i love ghost whisperer! (p.s. that vid. was sooooooooo awesome!!!)
  • Christie from Watsontown, PaThis song is really sweet. Last night on dance war, the two people in the bottom 2, (team carrie-ann) sung this together. before Allysa got booted off...(phillip stayed!!!!)
  • Nage from Boston, Mai love that song, it's my favorite song in the whole wide world.The words of this song is romantic and i think that anyone who is in love should listen to that song.
  • Brandon from Peoria, Ili intensly dislike this song and here's why: First, Enrique's voice is very very whiny...especially when you compare it to that of his dad's. Second, in the video, he gets his ass kicked by some old dude, and yet he claims he is this girl's hero??? Okay...if i was a chick and my guy just got wailed on by some old guy, i would be like "you suck" not " are my hero." You say that when he WINS the fight. I liked was a fun addition to the Wild Wild West soundtrack.
  • Ashlee from HobartI'm not usually into romantic songs and stuff, but i loved this song when it came out.I hadn't listened to it for months, then my boyfriend said something about liking the song and we realised that we both loved it, it's kind of like "our song"
  • Joel from Nottawa, Canadayeah, good song. It is kinda cheasy I guess, but everything "romantic" can be cheesy.
  • Paul from Galway, IrelandMy brother loves it. Lovey-dovey. Jenifer Love Hewitt is in the video.
  • Aaron from Mississauga, CanadaThough the song is kinda cheesy, I guess it's alright. If Enrique wrote this song, I give him credit 4 making a sentimental, positive song. My advice 4 him is 2 write some reflective songs but keep up the good work.
  • Paul from London, EnglandEnrique's earlier stuff like Bailamos and Rhythm Divine I wasn't too keen on but Hero really did it for me. By far his best yet. The video is great too.
  • Chetan from Bangalore, IndiaCollective Soul's tribute to 9/11 with The world i know is better than this. listen to it!!
  • Brad from Santa Barbara, CaThis song is pretty easy to play on guitar, my friend tim taught me, because its the only thing he knows how to play, and I actually like it
  • Puneetpal Kaur from Newark, CaI heard that enrique wrote this song after a girl refused to go the prom with him or him with her, and when he got home he was feeling sad and wrote this song. that's what i heard that he said. He never tells who the songs are meant for but he has told about this song sometime. i don't know if its true but just wanted to comment.
  • Mikey from Ashtabula, OhKrie has a point. Many people associated this song with September 11th as if it were meant for that. I think rather it just coincidentally(sp) came out at the same time of the tragedy.

    Really, to me, the song is about love. It's about what true love can do to a person and make them willing to do. When you're in love all you want to do is be your significant other's HERO. The words "now would you die, for the one you love?" suggest the Unbreakable bond of being Willing to do anything for someone you love. This is a fantastic song, lyrically, musically, and vocally.
  • Alischa from Lewistown, PaThis song is sweet, i love it. I found my first love and could never stop thinking of him when I hear it. This song rocks!!
  • Krie from Ft. Drum, NyI read somewhere that this really wasn't intended to have the meaning it did after 9/11...rather, it's about being a hero to your significant other.
  • Jaclyn from Aurora, Canadai love this song it is my all time favourite
  • Ramon from Ottawa, CanadaI heard he made this song completely from scratch while he was playing with his guitar;a song he did not intended to make
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