Album: American Idiot (2004)
Charted: 11 19


  • This is about the American government and society during the Iraqi War. It begins by commenting on how the thousands of dead Americans and Iraqis are nameless to the average American citizen. The song expresses resentment with the corporate greed and corruption involved in the "rebuilding" effort, and shows how the average protester realizes that the pro-war money involved has more power than they can ever have. It also points out the irony of the Christian right-wing feeling religiously justified in this war: "Can I get another 'Amen'? There's a flag wrapped around the score of men."
  • This follows the story on the album. Jesus of Suburbia has just left town and he's living his life on the streets ("Hear the sound of the falling rain..."). He's speaking out loud and acting in vain, but it seems like he's talking himself into believing that running away was the right thing to do, explaining his reasons of discontent to himself. He still feels alone, and shunned from society, but it seems he feels a little more self-confidence and happiness out on the road. It's Jesus of Suburbia yelling out and expressing his own dead beliefs onto the world. Like screaming into mid air.
  • To go "On Holiday" is to go on vacation. So this is basically like an escape, a runaway. This leads us into Boulevard Of Broken Dreams >>
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    Salinda - Portland, ME, for above 2
  • This is often considered an anti-American song, but on Green Day's Bullet In A Bible DVD, Armstrong says, "This song is not anti-American, its anti-war." >>
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    Nathan - Willow Spring, NC
  • Billie Joe Armstrong told Q magazine May 2009 that sometimes he doesn't know where he gets his songs from. For instance, when he found himself singing "Sieg Heil to the president gas man" on this number, he freaked himself out. He said: "It was kind of like, Where the f--- is this coming from? It was taking an ugly picture and painting it uglier. The thing that justifies it is that it was true."
  • While the song is a dig at conservative agendas, it doesn't entirely spare liberals. Armstrong told MTV: "I am anti-war, so a lot of [the album] has to do with that, and there's different sides of it too. Like, there's one line that sort of messes with liberals a little too, where it says, 'Hear the drum pounding out of time/ Another protester has crossed the line/ To find the money's on the other side.'"

    He continues. "That song ['Holiday'] is about this mishmash of people with all these strong opinions who really can't agree, and leaving [decisions] to the person who's sort of standing in the middle confused and overwhelmed."
  • The music video is one of several that Samuel Bayer directed for Green Day. "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams," "Wake Me Up When September Ends" and "American Idiot."

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  • Jack Johnson from HicksvilleWhat Are Those 4 Girls/Young Women Wearing At The 2:44 Mark Of This Music Video For Holiday By Green Day?

    Why Are Those 4 Girls/Young Women Said To Be Drunk In This Music Video?

    What Do We See Them Doing That Causes Them To Be Said To Be Drunk In This Music Video?

    Can You Identify Those 4 Girls/Young Women,That I See At The 2:44 Mark Of The Music Video?
  • Capt'n Jack Phelps from TexasWould I be off base to say that when they say " On Holiday " it sounds to me more like " In Holey day "
    Wanted to know if I'm the only fan out here that has had the same thought about it ? Or if there are actually a sh**ton of Green Day fans that have the same twisted view of what was being sung in Holiday . Would appreciate some feedback on this if anyone cares to throw their two cents at me . Thanks !
  • Flaglercountyuniformrebellionofficial from Flagler Beach, FlFor anyone that is against the school uniform policy! Join our Facebook page, "Flagler County Uniform Rebellion", we're a peaceful rebellion against local school uniforms, and this song perfectly sums up our efforts. This isn't spam, we'd appreciate the likes!
  • Frank from Spokane, WaYo everyone, stop the bitching! Green Day is one of the best fng bands ever and always will be one of the best fng bands. In my opinion, Every single song that billie joe writes is awesome, and f**k anyone who says otherwise!
  • Quintin from Parkersburg, WvOh, and it's "Billie Joe", not "Billy Jo" or "Billy-Joe"
  • Quintin from Parkersburg, WvTo everyone spelling Green Day as one word: it's not one word. American Idiot is not their first album. They are older than you think (they released their debut album in 1989), Holiday is not their best song. 21 Guns is not their only/best song either. Dookie is NOT the name of their new album. Dookie came out in 1995, probably before any one of you were born.
  • Maddie from Toronto, OnTo Tom From Boston. I hope that you do realize that Blink-182 wouldn't be around without Green Day ( everyone types it in one word it's TWO words people -GREEN DAY-) I've been listening to them for 7 years now and they did pave the way for some well-known bands. Good Charolette's Frontman even said after coming home from school and watching the video for "Basket Case" and thinking that he could start a band too. And yes, I'm younger than some of you but that doesn't mean that my opinion should be pushed aside because of it! I am a bit more mature than others by how my parents brought me up and yeah I might be a little late posting this and I don't care. Holiday, is an amazing song and if you can't stop nit-picking at every aspect of it just to try and make yourself seem all high and mighty, well, that's just too bad....
  • Logan from Indianapolis, InKnow what Basket Case was a good song but.... HOLIDAY ALL THE WAY!!! only a true fan like me would like such an AWESOME song!! yet again i luv almost all of their songs!! :) ohh well!!!
  • Chris from Liverpool, United Kingdomyou cant beat coming clean thats an amazing song but then again so is every green day song ................ i did want to get involved with all the political stuff at the top but was to late :(
  • Raoul from Chico, CaI kept hearing this song, didn't know who sang it,but liked the beat,didn't pay much attention to the words, then one day it was playing and I listen to the words, not sure how to take it, when it say's kill all the Fags, why with all the hate in the world today, would any artist use lyrics like that? What a horrible word..
  • Steven from Columbus, Ohyou are right. the song is the best and youve got your facts straite. also thanks for the info it helpped a lot on a project!
  • Jeff from Oakland, CaJoe from Burllingham,why the hell are you bitching about green day? If you wanna go bitch about people go join a hate club. Why do you choose to do it here,are you a catholic,I won't know but you can't stop people like green day from making songs and expressing the truth.
  • Wade from Katy, TxThis song is total BS. A representative from California wouldn't even have the balls to say anything like that.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThe truth hurts.
  • Greg from Cincinnati, OhUh, this song is not about the Iraq war... It is about Government lying to its people and socialist government trying to get its people to think its thinking... Not just right wing but left and right... There is a Hitler phrase in the song and Hitler was a socialist among other things... Like today, if we fail to think and adhere to government thinking you shall be suppresed
  • Amy from Liverpool, United KingdomThis is clearly one of the best songs ever and its on surfs up which confuddles me (its a movie about frigging penguins that surf for gods sake how can this song fit into that??? still i was greatful to hear somthing good on a kids film, these days all you hear is HSM this and JB that kill them all i say)
  • Angela from Cartersville, Gafirst of all BILLIE JOE IS MY IDAL and he really knows how too sing and write song that every one can to relat to every now and then. plus hes soooooo HOT. and any body how hates green day SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!
  • Molly from Liverpool, United Kingdomi must admit i agree with Matthew, he has a point. i mean, i may not come from where you all come from but 1 things for sure, the world is turning into utter ****. and another thing, not only is your country being controled by satan, quite alot of people are becoming terrorists and that cant be very good. the song is trying to explain that because of the goverment in a few countries, there is war where ever we look on our T.V's. theres devistation everywhere we look. and 1 things for sure, after the war, its worse than where i come from, im telling you that.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaCorporate greed, hypocritical? Well, I'm always glad to burst another bubble of ignorance. Virtually all corporations today are greedy and corrupt. And the same is true of our government! Unless the American people see past the lies and bull**** and realize that our country is sinking deeper and deeper into immorality, we're all screwed! Al Queda was right - our country IS being controlled by Satan, and unless we slip out of our apathy and refuse to vote for any but the most morally outstanding individuals, we can't do **** about it!!!!
  • Tyler from Dallas, Txgreen days awsome there just not as good as led zeppelin
  • Alex from Statesboro, GaJoe from Bellingham.
    Have you ever even read the Constitution of the United States? I believe you haven't, because if you had you'd understand that the "freedom of speech" that you described yourself as having does not exist.
    At least not in the way that you see it.
    Technically, the things you have said about Green Day could be construed as libel, that is the written defamation of a person, group or institution, and if they wanted to they called bring a lawsuit upon you because of it.
    Don't worry, you don't have anything to fear. I very seriously doubt that someone as important as Billie Joe Armstrong would have any intrest in anything said by someone as unimportant as you.
    You are entitled to your opinion, and from what I've surmised, that opinion is that Green Day sucks. But what you have failed to give us is a valid reason why you do not like them. You've merely used the very common "Punk or Not" red herring to make your point for you.
    Guess what, that argument carries no water.
    You can't say that a band sucks simply because they don't play a style of music that the general public claims they play, nor can you justify their ability based upon comparisons to great bands of the past. Simply because one band is better than another does not mean that the lesser band isn't good.
    If you'd care to make a justified argument as to why "Green Day" sucks, I'm sure that everyone would be more than happy to hear it (whether we agree or disagree), but don't perpetually bring up reasons that have no bearing on the conversation and expect for your arguments to be taken seriously.
    And as far as Green Day not rocking harder than the three most recent bands you've mentioned, I shall not speak blasphemy against Black Sabbath. Those two alone are two of the greatest bands of all time, hands down. As for The Doors, Jim Morrison was never the greatest singer, and while his songwriting was good, it was overrated to say the least. Robby Krieger was a mediocre guitarist at best, and all in all they were nothing more than a decent band, who were in the right place at the right time.
    And please don't get me started on how terrible and talentless Led Zepplin was.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaGreen Day rocks harder than the who? Led Zeppelin? Black Sabbath? The Doors? Oh I beg to differ
  • Amanda from Millville, MnGreenday rocks,and for anyone says otherwise, go die in a hole!!
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaAaron from WI, I have freedom speech rights. I can say what I wanna say. It doesn't matter if my opinion doesn't agree with yours, or i'm talking about the band in general, not the song. If you live in the united states, you should know this.
  • Jim from Rossville, IlI think this song is Awesome.Green day is my favorite band and this is my favorite song.I hope to start a band and I hope I'm as great of a song writer as Billie Joe
  • Aaron from Ripon, WiJoe from Bellingham, please don't post mindless rants about people who listen to green day, for God's sake, we are talking about the song here!!!Alice coopers rocks, but green day does too.
  • Shannon from Bakersfield , CaI aggree with Kayla.
    Who really cares if there punk or not.I think their very punk.But in their own kind of way.
    Which is real music I must tell you.
    And let me say something,they are proud to be american.But what their saying is the goverment isn't only messing with america but in other places on earth as well.I love their music.
    From Dookie to American Idiot.(I know that Dookie wasn't their first album but the one most people can find in places)
    These guys are professionals.They've been in the music biz for more than we know.Maybe longer.
    They've always said what they wanted to say and have gone to an extreme which is not a bad thing.
    For those of you who disagree obviously don't believe in the right of free speech and/or just ignorent.And I am christian.Alot of green days fans are.They have nothing against god or jesus.Sure they cuss alot but what's the big deal?If you don't like the music yourself or children listening than don't listen.What a bunch or whiney babies.Oh and those of you who are pissed of because younger people are listening are just jelous.Looking at younger people listening to mature music makes them think that they are stupid or ignorent and only say that to make themselves feel smarter.That also goes for people who think that green day sucks because they might be sellouts.Because their jelous that their favorite band didn't make the cut.Billie writes deep and amazing lyrics.You insult that,you insult have all or us green day fans who actually pay attension to this sh!t.That is all.God bless.
  • Kayla from Richmond, VaI like green day, I get tired of people debating whether they are are punk o rnot. I don't understand why it matters. As long as they write good music it shouldn't. It is more interesting when they cover things up instead of flat out saying them because it gives you a chance to think about it. You can inurpret it in your own way, but there is always a true meaning
  • N.i. from Baltimore, MdHa! Caught in another meaningless argument over whether Green Day is or isn't punk. As a non-punk fan, I have to laugh at these arguments. You folks never bother to provide a coherent musical definition of punk, instead falling back on emotional-laden statements that basically amount to saying "Anything I think is cool is punk." You seem unwilling to acknowledge that everything that was once distinctive about punk has gradually seeped out into the mainstream--a fate that has befallen almost every major musical movement, including rock 'n' roll itself. So it's no wonder that arguing over Green Day's genre is a waste of time. While they show some influence of the classic punk bands (especially the Ramones), their music is scarcely distinguishable from other '90s alternative bands, or even mainstream pop.
  • Sam from St.paul, Mnand so does Joe
  • Sam from St.paul, MnYep, this songs great and all, but zac has a point. I'm so tired of these bands saying oh yea were punk, were rock, were cool. No your not, Bunch of posers.And yes Queen waste's greenday, theres not even a compation there.
  • Johnny from Rockland, MaYou talk about The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash. They certainly are punk, and are the founders of the punk movement of the 70s. But pal, I got news for you. Green Day are most certainly punk rock. What you are asserting is that Punk only existed back in the 70s, and therefore you think nothing today is punk. Music transcends time. Green Day were very much influenced by the bands you mentioned, and are one of the difinitive punk bands of our generation. If you think that 'punk' no longer exists today, that's fine. You have your own opinion, you are entitled to it. As for your comment about 11 year olds, I am 20, and am not 'angry' that you are critical, just trying to point out a few things for others. Step out of the box you have put yourself in, open your mind! Thank you, that is all. Yeah, and also this is my favorite Green Day song.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaGREEN DAY SUCKS!!! They think they are punk! You want punk? listen to the clash, sex pistols and ramones! everyone here who is mad at me now is probably an 11 year old wannabe rebel who "hates bush" please! don't make me laugh! green day is real music! real music is The Who, The Doors, Yardbirds, Alice Cooper! green day is just a poser band that has sold out and rebelious in no way, shape, or form! Alright green day fans, you're pissed huh? well if you're so punk Who's Mick Jones? Sid Vicous? What's Speed or Weed?, What band started to destroy their instruments? Huh? You don't know? Big surprise...
  • N.i. from Baltimore, MdWhile I kind of like this song musically (a throwback to their older style), the lyrics bug me. I'm a Democrat who largely agrees with their antiwar views. But I find the way they approach the issue just lame. This song makes me want to say to them: listen, folks, it may be daring and courageous for a Texas country band with the word "Dixie" in their name to criticize the President, but for a California pop punk band it's just predictable.

    The "rapping" verse is downright embarrassing, as they spin off such original ideas as comparing Bush to Hitler and describing his policy as "kill all the f*gs that don't agree." It's a childish, unsubtle attempt to emulate the punk icons they so admire but fail to measure up to.

    Now, it's possible to be clever even when attacking an easy target. Genesis was with the song "Jesus He Knows Me" skewering televangelists. But Genesis had a tongue-in-cheek quality that Green Day lacks. My biggest problem with Green Day is that they're unwittingly just as self-righteous as the groups they attack.
  • Katherine from Indy, InHey Zac from NC, do you like Bush?
  • Anonymous from Virginia Beach, VaThis is by far the best greenday songs, and im still waiting for their new album. Im really scared cuz absolutely nothing can measure up to AI! anyway, Im a christian, im a republican. I see how some songs are kind of anti christian, and anti republican, but i take no offense to any of it. I love jesus of suburbia. No of this has altered my beliefs. I mean, I connect to it more than with all the contemporary christian stuff. Though I do like christian rock (DC talk, Haste the day, pillar) this would be my music of choice.
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhI remember dancing wit Mae-chan to this at the homecoming dance this year!!! Luv ya, MC!!!
  • Bill from Erie, PaArnold Schwarzenegger is not mentioned in this song, it talks about the representative from California, not the governor of California. Although I do believe at least the title of "Governator" was inspired by him.
  • Sophia from San Diego, Cai think that green day is a great band.i do respect all the other peoples opinion but if they don't like green day why are they talking so much smack about them as if they didn't have anything better to do.
  • Ryan from Columbus, OhIf somebody hasn't already pointed it out, there's an Arnold Schwarzenegger reference in the song.

    "The representative from California has the floor"
  • Tara from Somewhere, FlOne of my favorite songs by Green Day. GD Rocks!
  • Joe from Chicago, Arone of green day's best and it is defintly punk no matter what anybody says
  • Mey from Amsterdam, NetherlandsWhat's the point on arguing wether something is or isn't punk or whatever (paul and zachary)? can't you just clasify music into good or bad? Not that something like that exists or something. You just have to like it and if you don't then shut up and let the people that do like it enjoy it.
  • Presley Kate Phillip from Houston, TxToo politicial for my tastes
  • Cody from Clarendon Hills, IlOkay Rock is dead to me. You people who say that green day is the best band ever have absolutely no knowledge of music past 1998. The only man making true rock anymore is Marilyn Manson. You should all be ashamed of yourselves
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI do enjoy listening to this song. Okay, I am a bit of a Bush supporter, but I am starting to agree with this song more and more...
  • Rashed from Camden, NjWhat's wrong with half the people? - Green Day are just expressing their views through music just like everyone else is on this site. Holiday is a f***ing brilliant song with a positive message - although they may have swerved from their punk roots - they should still be appreciated for their great music . American Idiot might not be 'Green Day' material - but its awesome nevertheless
  • Daniel from Marietta, GaI personaly don't think American Idiot was a good cd. Dookie and Insomniac could beat it anytime
  • Sarah from Sandiego, CaThis song was good the first couple of times but after the thousandth time it got boring dont get me wrong i love greenday but this song just got kinda old.
  • Galina from New London, CtAt my school dance only four or five rock n' roll songs were played,(the rest was rap) and my friends and I jumped, head bobbed and sang ourselves sick to those songs, Which included Holiday, American Idiot, Toxic City, and something else.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcPaul...Never suggest I like SOAD, or any other band thats music depends solely on making odd noises to be good...(See my opinions on Led Zepplin) And I never said Greenday wasn't hardcore (Even though they aren't), other people like you put those words in my mouth. I said they weren't punk...They aren't now, nor will they ever be, if they ever were is truly debateable. And I now have another actual punk EP to suggest to you all, if you want to hear real 'political' punk listen to NoFx The Decline
  • Asa from Ellensburg, WaI like Green Day, man. They always have this pleasant and harsh way all at once...
  • Paul Taylor from Castalia, NcI havent been here for a while so Ive got some catching up to gos...Jim: you can post you own opinion on this site but that dosent give you any right to say something aginst anyones fath(shut your mouth),Zac: I'll admit that greenday may not be as hardcore as bands like system of a down but it depends on what else you listen to to define something hardcore, just cause it isnt for you dosent mean it isnt for someone else,Tom: I dont no about the rest of the band but billie isnt a democrat he's a libral or something,and Jeevan: Thank GOD(coughJIMcough) we finaly have someone else that likes greenday instead of another dork that does anything but talk pro greenday thank you. P.S.Holiday has been used in alot of tv comercails and games so that means somebody likes it.
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaThis is so cool, this song. I like it a lot. Green Day rocks!
  • Alex from Loveland, CoTERRIBLE politics, but I do enjoy this song. I can relate to you, Eileen.
  • Eileen from San Diego, CaHoliday is one of the best songs ever made by GREEN DAY. but since i have listened to it like 1,000 times it gets kind of tiring. But i am a HUGE gd fan! they are the best!
    if they keep up this hard work, they could still be around for ANOTHER 16 years. Rock on!
  • Maria from Nowhere, Otherits awesome that green day write about this kind of stuff. green day are so big and get to so many people and im sure they affect a lot of people's opninons, which is great. Writing about bush and the war in that sarcastic and ironical way (im talking about the whole album) is really great and makes people realise that this is not right. definitely one of the best songs i've ever heard. green day rock.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandWhat would people prefer? Green Day writing about stuff that no longer means anything to them or something that they actually care about (eg. Politics) ? Something that they care about obviously. If they didnt change and evolve, they would be boring. Even I, as much as I love them, would get bored of them.
  • Jim from Toronto, CanadaIf you've noticed they have gotten more political with they're music, then please have a freaking cookie!! And why not get political? Specially these days when people like George W can become the presedent of the world's superpower you know there's got to be something wrong with the way things are! And As far as the whole Christianity thing is concerned, don't sweat it... There are better explanations to things nowadays that don't involved a fictitious overlord, in other words (Brace yourselves) There is no God!

    ((( editor's note - please post comments relevent to the song )))
  • Melita from Wilts, EnglandSince when have Green Day been a 'christian bashing' band?

    What really winds me up about all of this is that people are just going 'such and such a band founded punk rock' etc etc etc. I don't want to hear it thank you. All people can do is mention the same group of bands over and over and over: The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks, MC5, Bad Religion etc etc etc. I am sick and tired of it, people think that they are so 'hard core' because they like bands which most people into music have heard of anyway (or certainly the rock genre).
  • Tom from Boston, MaI am aware that American Idiot isn't all about politics, but to me and many others, the politics are what stands out on the cd. I mean really, the title is American Idiot and in most of the songs they tie in politics someway or another, and I personally don't like thinking about that when I'm trying to listen to music. I know there isn't anything wrong with expressing the way you feel through your music, but all of the people that started liking Green Day for their actual punk rock were driven away by this sudden change in genres.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandAmerican Idiot isnt just about politics. But whats wrong with expressing their views on todays government anyway?
  • Tom from Boston, MaI must admit, though; Green Day does have some musical talent to have the ability to carry out a somewhat successful career for so long. However, I believe they lost control with the release of American Idiot. At the same time, of course, they drove away thousands of fans by becoming a more clearly stated democrat. (no offense to you democrats). At first, Green Day's song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" was what got me into this whole agenda. I began trying to find other songs they had done and sifting through their past. They do have some songs that I enjoy listening to, but now, I have become increasingly bored with their music; it is predictable in a way and as someone else has stated on this page, alll of their songs on AM are too similar for my liking. I would prefer some variety in my life. To conclude, fourteen albums was stretching it a bit too far. In more understandable terms, I'm really burned out on Green Day. They're not punk anymore.
  • Tom from Boston, MaI enjoyed reading all of Zac's comments and I don't know where the Christian bashing came from but I agree with Zac completely and I happen to be a right-winged Christian and I think that Green Day isn't anything special anymore. The Ramones made some great music and everyone should stop bashing eachother. If you like an opinion, great, but there's no need to kill everyone just because you don't like their opinions. My personal opinion is that Green Day was better as an good old-fashioned nerd band, if you will. I agree with Nathan as well. It's funny you shouls tell us "kids" to educate ourselves instead of wastng our time writing these comments, Tamarie, but you seem to have no political opinion other than "AMEN!!!!!" I don't believe what Green Day tells me to believe or agree with them. I think some good rock is Blink-182. I mean, they didn't ruin their music with politics, whereas politics is all that Green Day can write about in American Idiot. Zac is a deep thinker with strong, respectable points of view. I would be the first one to stand ona stage and say in front of half a million mindless liberals and say that I agree with Zac.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandAlex they are considering making the movie. But they are taking a break first then starting work properly on their next album. They've already got some ideas for it but its at a 'no pressure, fun' stage Billie Joe said. If the movie goes ahead, they think they'll start it in 2006
  • Alex from Tappan, NyIs it true that they are makeing american idiot, the album, into a movie i think that would be amazeing!!! plus it would give us more of a chance to learn about jimmy, his past, and whatshername. and yes this is my first commment.
  • Rob from Castaic, CaEvery single commercial I've seen in the past 3 months has this or 'American Idiot' playing in the background... CHA CHING!
  • Paul from Castalia, NcI dont entirely know what it means to be a sell out. The people that said that greenday are sellouts and/or posers probably just hate greenday for no resaon and say things like that to give themselfs justification.
  • Yuya from Kyoto, JapanTanya has a good point. The old stuff is much better!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI'm still confused as to why green day have 'sold out' and 'don't make music from their hearts anymore' just because they have more fans. Music has the same meaning, whether it has 2 listeners or 2 billion. Or whether the band making it gets £2 from it or £2 billion. And if you think about it, if you don't 'like' Green Day because they have too many fans, even if you think its good music (yes I've heard people say that), you are one of the people that brought them to super stardom. I hate it when people have that attitude towards bands. Total snobbery
  • Hannah from Mass, United StatesGreenday is a awsome band. My friend thinks
    there posers! American idiot is one of the best songs ever. I think green day is the begining of
    punk history.
  • Me from North East, AzThis song is not only about the Iraqi war. There are also little bits compareing todays government to Nazism: With lines like "Zig Hiel to the president gasman" is clear about what they think. I frankly agree with them, but this not a political debate, so I won't go further. Either way it's not only a catchy song,it has a good political message!
  • Rikki from Ashtabula, OhI kinda messed up my post. I meant to say Kevin was comparing them to another band.
  • Sarah Floyd from Bloomingdale, Ilwhen i saw this music video i thought there was nothing wrong with it. finally my mom was watching the video and she said that there was a guy dressing like a girl. and i thought why would a dude do that.
  • Rikki from Ashtabula, OhWell what I was saying is how Johnny said that insanely original insult to Kevin cause he didn't do it either. I think he's comparing Green Day to another band, maybe you should look that one up lol. And how Green Day is so "coragious" or however you spell it. I'm not much for spelling. I remember reading on a site that somebody actually compared Green Day to The Who, Beatles, and Stones. And he also said they were the best band of the last 15 years...Wonder what happened to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, and Metallica (Black album even though i didnt like it too much)? Apperently the kid is a total idiot. Thank god noone has said anythign like THAT on here.
  • Erik from Dubuque, Iaswrew u guys i bet half of u had never heard of any preiviuos albums from greenday before america idiot man im only 13 and iv been a fan for 6 and a halve yearsor somthin like that but for the other half who did not just start likeing them because now there popular nice job and i complimnt u for the rest of u find another band because we dont want u.
    thank u and good
    also people after me u can take ur time disagreing with me go right a head and argue away but the peoplke who have been a fan foe a long time like me will back me up im sure thank u that is all
  • Jade from LondonWel Tanya u wuld b pretty hapi as i can't seem 2 find the vid on the website whre u cn wtch it unles u b kind & tel me??? Plz!!! : (
  • Tanya from London, EnglandIm gonna have to wait til after xmas til i can watch it :'( Unless we win the lottery before then. doubt it sumhow. My mum wont spend any more money on stuff like that 4 ages now coz we've just spent LOADS on the pc coz it completely broke then my cat decides 2 be clever n sit in the middle of the road n get knocked down, so we got massive vet bills too. so im just gonna have 2 watch it 4 now :'( Ah well, atleast he looks absolutly gorgeous :p
  • Jade from LondonI'm jus gna go wtch that L.A gig,as i hav brill speaker's & my screen dnt freeze, lol!!!
  • Johnny from Rockland, Matanya, thats great that you think billie joe looks attractive, however i am a straight male and dont really care what he looks like lol. i thought that the live show was good (except i couldn't see it). doesnt sound the same as on the album tho, but then again live shows never sound as good as the recordings. still a good show. ive never seen green day live. i want to. they had a show back on sep. 3 near were i live. there were still tickets available but i couldn't get down there. DAMN IT!!!! ill see them live someday hopefully....
  • Johnny from Rockland, Mayou can go to they have the concert in LA. it was opposite for me tanya. i could hear it fine but couldn't see it that well, kept freezin. "this song may be anti-american, but it is anti-war!!!! this song's called holiday!!!!!!"-Billie Joe Armstrong before singing holiday. btw everybody, just a little interseting fact. there used to be a basketball player from the chicago bulls named BJ Armstrong. dont know if his first name was billie joe or not, but just thought i'd let people know.
  • Johnny from Rockland, Maok everybody zac is gone (i hope). so lets return to the topic we were originally supposed to be talking about. holiday!! great song.
    (btw tanya, i got intnl' superhits. awesome greatest hits collection before american idiot came out).
  • Shrek from CaitlinOkay Zac we look forward to seeing your 'PROPER PUNK' band make it big and have you show us how it's done. I hope when that happens (whether that be in your crazed little head or out here in the real world) that you have internet song pages like this one with people saying what a loser you are. Yeah that'll be a good laugh Zachary! Ha ha, good luck to ya buddy. Oh yeah and who wants to bet that Zac posts in response to this again in the future???? I'd bet money he can't live without it a week, oh yeah and even if he doesn't post just to prove a point, I bet he's reading this anyway. See ya Zachary go sing about all that anger you got and make it big in the world...
  • Tanya from London, Englandwhat u on about im not from london?
  • Tanya from London, EnglandThought u were leavin zac? u just cant help yaself can ya
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcTanya, we all know you aren't from London anyway, quit living in a dream world
  • Tanya from London, EnglandLOL zac!!! mind my own buisness??!!! LMAO. listen dude, this is a site where you leave comments about songs. if u dont want ppl to have a nosey into what u think about things then DONT LEAVE A COMMENT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE. dont take a genius to work that one out does it. god i aint laughed like that for a while. u never struck me as being thick zac. just an arse hole. well yes, well said johnny. good riddance zac. i must admit, i am gonna miss your lame attempts at trying to sound intelligent. god theres some freaks around aint there
  • Tanya from London, Englandwell said tyler. everyone just ignore that zac dude. anyway....FIRST PLAYING OF GREEN DAYS NEW VIDEO, JESUS OF SUBURBIA (which is out oct 24th i think), CHANNEL 4, 10.30pm, FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER!!!!!! tape it coz it probs wont get played in full alot as its over 9 mins long. THEN, MILTON KEYNES DVD/CD (BULLET IN A BIBLE) OUT 14TH NOVEMBER. woooooooohooooooooooooo
  • Tyler from VictoriaThis isn't a message board about how much you love or hate Green Day. This for information about the song Holiday. So I appoligize for being on topic.

    "This song's about my frustration with the current ****in' government right now."

    "This song is not anti-american. It's anti-war."
    -Billie Joe
  • James from Stroudsburg, PaWow. These comments are unbelievable. First off, I'm not sure if I'm more shocked or offended that these protest songs (American Idiot included) are topping UK charts. To those across the the pond, I'm glad your enjoying this but I think the Green Day guys intented for this album to have a greater impact here at home (greater than it already has). As for everyone else, when did we start protesting the 'Comment Guidelines?' That aside, this is a protest song that is meant to spark controversy as is most of the album. I just wish we could debate the issues it brings up intelligently and respect the opinions of others rather than resorting to name calling.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcOn a different note, Johnny metallic says you have aids
  • Tanya from London, Englandmy personal favourites on 1039/smoothed out slappy hours are (get ready for the long list lol): Going to Pasalacqua, Rest, The Judges Daughter, Paper Lanterns, Dry Ice and Only of You. Its basically an awesome album. It may have to grow on you though. Its also got a song on it called Why Do You Want Him which we wrote when he was 14 about his step father whom he and his 5 siblings hated. Thats a pretty awesome track too. The whole album is old drummer though, not tre. Check out Kerplunk! too. Theyre the oldest green day albums. GREEN DAY ROCK!!!!!!
  • Chris from MelbourneI might add that when the band and people refer to the Nameless Dead they should consier that the death toll of Iraqi dead far outnumbers the American dead, and that they died for their country before ideology. The lyrics of holiday are powerful in that they reflect the sadness of Nameless Dead without a specifying a Cause.
  • Chris from MelbourneA contestant sang Holiday on Australian Idol recently and one of the judges asked if the contestant was political, to which he replied "No". The judge then got really angry that the contestant would sing a protest sone without meaning it. The contestant looks punk and previously sang with a punk band. Interesting that even the "Idol" franchise recognises that this is a powerful song and should be respected as such.
  • Nic from BrisbaneI think that this song, among with others written in the last five years. Is a terrible attempt and a very immature attempt at writing a protest or political song.
    THe song itself just bounces along and without knowing the words you would have no idea what this song is about.
    Bob dylan plays masters of war on an acoustic, and the song basically has four chords. But you can sense and feel in his voice how powerful the song is.
    I think that you guys who are looking to protest or feel political for some reason, should leave an immature no nothing band like greenday back on the cd shelves and listen to something with angst or passion or both, instead of this boppy rubbish.
  • Tanya from London, Englandu go johnny. And just something i want to say about people who dont like people who have only just started listenin 2 green day.....thats stupid. I do understand not liking new green day 'biggest fans in the world' 12 yr old teeny boppers who have only heard of BBD and have heard that billie joe is hot so they think he is too. Theyre annoying and are not green day fans at all. But tis stupid hatin ppl coz theyve only got american idiot (unless they call emselves really big fans) And johnny, if u r startin 2 get into old green day, get 1039/smoothed out slappy hours. WHAT an album. tis one of my faves n ive got em all. n u cant get much older green day than that lol. CANT WAIT FOR BULLET IN A BIBLE
  • Zachary from Charlotte, Nc"I don't think either the Offspring or Green Day started their bands with the intention of becoming so enormously popular; that sort of fell in their laps-especially the Offspring. My attitude is if somebody blunders into the level of popularity, at least remember the human factor. These guys are still human beings and hopefully still have hearts and if you keep in touch with them rather than vilify them you may be able to encourage them to go in the right direction. What I'm hoping will eventually happen is that they will grasp the amount of power and financial clout that is now at their fingertips and use those as tools to help real people with real things the way punk politics was always designed to do before, but nobody had any money." That is what I feel about Greenday, why can't they do more with what they have, yes they are talented, yes they have the money, so whats the problem why are they drowned in medicrity bands with much less talent. (I.E: The Sex Pistols, The Ramones etc.) Have done so much more with so much less where is Greendays equivelent of God Save The Queen? Greenday can keep writing songs like Holiday that nobody cares to take seriously, but I will always be dissappointed until they at least try to do more than just sell out and create songs that are going to make them more money. They aren't punk,not anymore at least, and I seriously doubt they ever will be ever again.
  • Shrek from CaitlinZac dude its a nickname, arent we here to talk about Greenday, who cares about names. We understand you think youre better than everyone here, but the respect isn't there. Especially if you dont like Greenday and you have more posts on here than anyone.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcShrek, sigh, how can I take you seriously with a SN like Shrek
  • Shrek from CaitlinZac mate, youre a cynical old weasel arent you. I think these people are just sick of hearing you bash this great band. And I do agree with the girls, its kinda psycho. ROCK ON GREENDAY..
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcGood god who would have thought this would turn into the flame war it has become....
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcAllebosa, give up buddy, your just not intelligent, and how do you know I'm angry, I was no angrier than you when you went off on me for mocking your ridiculous name. I still don't get it Allebosa poor poor you. I can imagine the schoolyard jokes, also I haven't picked on anyone but you and you started it... I don't care about you personally and obviously neither do your parents
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcAllebosa i understand your from a strange and different land, but I don't think thats funny no matter where you live
  • Allebosa from Wellington, NeOh yea Zac, we keep acknowledging you because its funny seeing your psychotic nature coming out, you cant change the world and all these kids' ideas so maybe you should stop wasting your energy going on about it.
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcAllebosa, quick on the gun eh. I like that, I never claimed I wasn't a child did I??? But you obviously are, one little attack at your name and you go crazy I suggest ZoLoft, maybe then you can get over deep depression of having a name like Allebosa, your mom must have hated you....
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcAlso just because I have a lot of posts doesn't mean I spend a lot of time in here, I am in here only when Boredom reaches extreme levels, I just type really fast and I type a lot when I get going so you get the impression I am in here all the time....
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcAlso who the hell names their kid Allebosa and if that isn't your name what the hell kind of nickname is that???
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcAllebosa, good one buddy
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcAlso isn't it great how a dissenting opinion can earn you a minor celebrity status among the people in these message boards? If you want me to stop don't acknowledge me, give me nothing to aruge against, and there will be no argument, here is your chance to call me out, I am about to list what are my favorite bands, feel free to take shots as long as you know what you are talking about, or just ignore me and chances are I will go away:

    The Ramones
    The Clash
    The Sex Pistols
    The Dead Kennedys
    The MC5
    The Dropkick Murphys
    Bad Religion
    Rise Against
    The Queers
    The Buzzcocks (You should read the article about when Steve Diggle met Greenday its quite entertaining)
    Flogging Molly
    Iggy Pop and The Stooges
    The Doors
    Screeching Weasels
    Agent Orange
    The Misfits
    The Circle Jerks
  • Zachary from Charlotte, NcFirst of all I don't pretend about anything...You think only 3 people have heard of the Ramones???? And further more, I don't give a damn about Greenday, and if you will look for it I am active on a lot of other posts on this site, not just Greenday, I spend half my time talking about music, and only a small percentage of that time talking about Greenday. Elysia, isn't taking personal attacks at me a little bit lower than taking shots at someones musical preferences??? And I don't freak out that much if somebody doesn't like the Ramones as long as they have a good reason, obviously whoever it was that said all that crap about the Ramones didn't know anything about them, I don't hate individuals I hate the great cloud of ignorance that hangs over the majority of American youth when it comes to popular culture. Grow up for the love of god get a good taste in music I don't hate the mainstream I hate it when all you know is the mainstream, there is great music outside the mainstreak I urge you to find it, and you will see how mediocre bands like Greenday actually are...
  • Tyler from Silverdale, WaAlong with the majority of citizens of the United States I found a newborn love and patrotic spirit with the horrific 9-11 tragedy. I was all for finding the person or people that was responsible for coming to our country and killing thousands of Americans. Now our country is doing the same in a country that had nothing to do with 9-11. I support the men and women in our militay 100%, they are doing their job and I respect that. What I do not support nor do I respect the mindless, sensless acts that our leaders justify as "war for peace". Anyways, When I heard Greenday's Holiday I could not believe my ears. They were singing and saying exactly what I and so many others think and feel. This song is the best!
  • Jeff from Washington, MoKOOL SONG!!
  • Derek from Citytown, United StatesThis is the best rock song I've ever heard. I love it so much, as well a lot the other Green Day songs.
    And I'm a strict Christian, pray every night, never say any curse words, ect. And I love Green Day. So there.
  • Johnny from Rockland, Maright on, elysia and tanya! this zac fellow spends alot of time discussing a band he says he doesn't like. why would you waste your time zac? if you don't like them, stop posting on this site! i should go to a ramones site and start bashing them. however that wouldn't be right considering i don't know their music that well. i wouldn't be surprised if you dont know green day that well, either. so just stop posting here or ill come down there to charlotte and whoop your ass.
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandZac in Charlotte: Are you like a Punk Rock spokesperson?? I'd like to know why you spend so much time on a page dedicated to Greenday's music if they're so "mediocre". Go hang out on a Ramones chat page if you love them so much, dissing people's comments about a band they love is pretty low, you should know how it feels; when someone says the slightest thing about the Ramones you flip out! Why would you dedicate so much time and energy to something you hate?? Greenday is good and you must think so on some level if you keep coming back to "set us straight".
  • Johnny from Rockland, Mahey becca from canada, you are right. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. you think that this song and every song on american idiot sux. you claim that holiday makes you want to 'crawl into a hole and never return'. okay,sure but you didn't explain why. why does this song want to make you crawl into a cave? does it have to do with the lyrics? do you disagree with them? or is it the melody? do you just hate the way it sounds? you need to explain your reasoning. and whatever your reason is for hating it, im sure its a stupid reason and i will disagree with you wholeheartedly. green day is awesome and holiday is their best song (yes it is). so becca, go crawl into your hole until you can give me an explanation!
  • Richard from Syracuse, NyI enjoyed what Mike said from L.A., that he is "pro-war", that's great dude, let's all be pro war until there is nobody left in this world due too all the fighting and all the violence! We need a "holiday" from this.
  • Johnny from Rockland, Mai was never a green day fan until i heard boulevard of broken dreams on the radio one day. i thought the song was cool. than i heard holiday and instantly loved the band and the new album. holiday is my favorite current song. i like music from as far back as the seventies right up to today, and as far as today is concerned, holiday is my favorite song. the melody is awesome (i love the shouting of HEY! after some of the lines and the AMEN. CAN I GET ANOTHER AMEN? AMEN!!!) and so are the lyrics. george bush and his administration deserved to be criticized for his foolish "leadership". And to the posters who said that they liked it better when green day sung about getting high and masturbating, what is wrong with you?? id much rather listen to a song with a real meaning like holiday.
    bravo to green day for their new album and their awesome song, holiday.
  • Zac from Charlotte, Nclets face all music in a certian genre sounds exactly the same what is there to say that hasn't already been said, Greenday or any other punk rock band around right now isn't telling me anything I haven't heard in music for ages...They doll up there beliefs a little bit by calling themselves punk rock and market it to people like you who still believe a thing like True Punk Rock even exists anymore...Lets all face it when Greenday is the most easily recognizable punk band we have seen the death of the genre
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcDan thats all well and good, but Greenday is using politics to get ahead in much the exact same way the Right Wing uses religion to get ahead....
  • Oli from Birmingham, Englandi agree with meg all the way if you think your punk by following what other punks believe in thats not punk punk is thinking for yourself and not caring about what anyone else thinks
  • Oli from Birmingham, Englanddoes this mean that you cant be a punk or anything if you are right wing cos i am in a punk rock band and our songs have the same meaning as the sex pistols although its aminly about government get rid of labour keep d monarchy woo hoo
  • Dan from Bayport, NySo they're not the most innovative band big deal. They aren't Christian bashers or America haters. They're pointing out that there are members of the right-wing party who use religion as their justification, which is wrong. I salute Green Day for telling it how it is.
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcFirst of all to whoever said Greenday did better at 'liveaid' than Queen did at 'live8' I doubt you even know who Queen is or how great that performance was a live8, secondly Greenday will never be as musically innovative as a band like Queen, or the Ramones for that matter, hell they'll never be as musically innovative as Nirvana, i've said it before Greenday will be remembered only for there mediocrity...Whether there punk or not
  • Meg from Edmonton, CanadaBy the way, Zac from Charlotte, I really enjoyed your comments... your a deep thinker... i like that....
  • Meg from Edmonton, CanadaLet me tell you what punk is. Its saying or doing something you think is right without careing what other people think. For example, lets take the song Longveiw by Green Day. Where it says, "when masturbations lost its fun your ****ing breaking," is just as much punk as a politicaly based song by them. (Green Day may not even see it as "politaicaly based") The reason? Because in those lyrics, the writer is stateing something he thinks is right and he doesnt care what anybody else thinks. Punk isnt how you play the musical instrument... its a way of living, the way Green Day is. (besides, who else would know greenday better then they know themselves. Maybe all our veiwpoints are wrong.. who knows?) But, I dont care because I dont really like them anyway...
  • Elizabeth from San Dimas, CaIt's pretty funny because this song is actually continuing on the thoughts and feelings of this "Jesus of Suburbia". The whole CD is a concept album about this character's coming of age. The thing is, he's disgusted with the state of the country, and in the song (Jesus of Suburbia), it tells about how he's running away. This song is about the earlier times of when he lives on the streets. He's all pumped up for his own freedom. And that's why it sounds so bouncy and angry, but happy at the same time. Then he gets sort of tired in Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but that's another story, eh? Love you all.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScSong's pretty good, but Greenday's older stuff is better. my favorite music is the classic rock from the 60's and 70's, but this song is pretty good.
  • Rob from Castaic, Ca"The song expresses resentment with the corporate greed and corruption"

    Corporate greed, eh? Wow - that's sorta hypocritical... I hate this song, I hate it's stupid music video, and I hate what this band has become.
  • Casie from Milford, Cti love green day they are the best band in the world i am going to to see them in consert for bday!!!! and i gots back stage passes i cant beleve i will meet the i cant wait i am so exsited thats all i can talk bout and billie joe is mad hot
  • Luc from Nottingham, EnglandAnti war in depth and for the record its not anti america its anti war and anti bush!
  • E from Vancouver, CanadaThis song is horrible... I have yet to sit through the whole song without changing the channel or radio station.
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcFirst of all I seriously doubt that Greenday hates America...And secondly since they claim to be punk I can compare them to (far superior) punk bands of the past, besides there sound is almost completley the same as it was 10 years ago when they started out they haven't changed and yet you still keep buying the albums go figure...The only change they have made is that one decade ago they were writing pop-rock songs about masturbation and now they are writing pop rock songs with incredibly vague political references they were never that musically inovative and history will only remember them for this god awful pop-punk phase they started and there mediocrity
  • J-lee from Cherry Hill, NjHey nice idea for the song and oh yea last comment NICEE I love it! Its soo alsome I love you guys n always willl!~Jennifer~
  • Mike from Los Angeles, CaI am Pro War but I like how Green Day is expressing their belief. However this American Idiot album is probably Green Day's worst. It is not as bad as some poeple are saying but it is not even comparable to their other albums.
  • Rhiannon from Oklahomaokay people take a deep breath and freakin chill. Everyone is aloud to have and share their own opinions thats what the comment box is for right? Okay I was watching "driven" a show about green day on vh1 and the band said that American Idiot is basically a story of a man named St. Jimmy and the things he has to deal with in life and they made the story into songs (not exactly in that order).
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaEverybody is entitled to their own opinion. And if I think that this song and several other songs on "American Idiot" are horrible and suck,then I will say so.
  • Becca from Hamilton, CanadaWhen I hear this song it makes me want to scream and crawl away into a deep dark hole and never come out. This song is pure crap. I really do NOT understand how any person with a brain could stand to listen to this song.
  • Christa from Makati, OtherThis is a song about ST JIMMY????? Get real people! St Jimmy is supposed to pertray the common man!!!!!!!!!! St Jimmy can be or me!
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanOh yeah, and Nathan, What makes you think that AM is the worst GD album ever??? Just because 5-year-olds are listening to their music, dosent mean that they are starting to suck now! "chops Nathan's head off with a samurai sword*
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanKat, why the HELL would you try and compare Greenday with other bands. Ther's absolutely NO WAY that GD can be compared. The Clash, The Ramones, or The Sex Pistols sound nothing like GD. Geez that's almost like trying to compare V6 with THE BEATLES! C'mon now!
  • Arthur from Sydney, AustraliaZac is right on!
  • Charles from York, NeRead the comment posted by Katie from Montreal. I'm uncertain if it could have been said any better. And for the rest of you, don't stereotype Christians, or right-wing Republicans. I'm both. I love Green Day. They could do without the makeup, but that's their prerogative. In either case, don't bash on people for being themselves. Thank you.
  • Bashu from Nanoose Bay, CanadaWell, on the other hand.. I like the guitar on this song.

    While I agree it's fun trying to squeeze as much meaning as we can out of each lyric, not everything has to be made into a political debate.
  • Daron from Chicago, IlAccording to billie joe it's about a guy "st. jimmy" who goes out for a night on the town with some friends. the booklet that comes with american idiot has lyrics that are like a diary, above the lyrics for holiday it says "april 14 in the city"
  • Biggestgreendayfan from Los Angeles, Ca"THIS SONG IS NOT ANTI AMERICAN IT'S ANTI WAR!"-Billie Joe Armstrong.
  • Evan from Schererville, InZac, I completely agree with you, but just to clarify, "Bonzo Goes to Bitburg"'s actual title is "My Brain is Hanging Upside-Down". This was because one of the Ramones (I forget which) was a Republican, and didn't want to insult Ronald Reagan, so the latter title was made into the "real" title and the former title was put into parenthesis.
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcCasey...You have no poltical footing to stand on do you....You shouldn't believe things because Greenday says to...Because Greenday is just part of the misinformed public they sing about....Your letting them brainwash you its sad really
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcTamarie: Don't come in here and preach your doom and gloom politics to me since the beginning of American history things have always been this way it goes in cycles we will have a few good years of peace and prosperity followed by a couple of decades of war...Thigns in America haven't changed that much and they never will as long as our political structure remains the same as it is now....
  • Zac from Charlotte, NcKat first of all how dare you even try to compare Greenday, The Clash, and The Sex Pistols to the Ramones when without the Ramones none of those bands would exist....Secondly just because The Ramones weren't trying to make a political statment doesn't mean they weren't trying to make any statement. They for a brief period of time revived Rock&Roll....At the time when the Ramones came out all Rock&Roll was either tenth generation Led Zepplin, or tenth generation Elton John...They made music fun again they took away all the politics and made it fun to listen to...Thats something despite all there efforts Greenday can never do the Ramones made senseless music that was fun to listen to, thats something that is lost in todays punk bands...In fact if rock&roll today needs anything its another band like the Ramones who can turn music into a 2:30 vacation to get away from the rest of the world and just enjoy without having to be reminded about politics, or death or anything else todays modern punk bands sing about....and Kat you said nobody could even name 5 good Ramones songs.. I'll do you one better and name 20.....

    1.) I wanna be sedated
    2.) Teenage Lobotomy
    3.) Do you remember rock&roll radio?
    4.) Beat on the Brat
    5.) Sheena is a punk rocker
    6.) Bonzo goes to Bitburg
    7.) Cretin Hop
    8.) Rockaway Beach
    9.) Pinhead
    10.) Bop till ya drop
    11.) We're a happy family
    12.) Chinese Rock
    13.) The KKK took my baby away
    14.) Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
    15.) Howling at the Moon
    16.) We want the airwaves
    17.) Somebody put something in my drink
    18.) Rock 'N' Roll High School
    19.) Wart Hog
    20.) Indian Giver
  • Becky from Bournemouth, EnglandVera i am so like you. I always listen to it, sometimes with my walkman before I go to bed and I memorised all the words and stuff too!

    Anyway, age doesn't matter. If there was some like really rock band and a 9 year old bought it doesn't mean they've suddenly turned into a pop band. I'm 11 and I got onto Greenday because Busted were a pop-punky band and then I listened to Greenday on the radio which sounded similar. I mean Busted were pop, then they turned slightly more punky and then that got me onto Greenday, who are punk
    (ps: I know loads of you who have heard of Busted will probably say they are not punk and I know that, it's just the second album was a tiny bit less pop.
  • Tamarie from Riverside, Ca"I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies
    This is the dawning of the rest of our lives
    On holiday"

    You "kids" have no idea what has happend to this country of ours. You need to educate yourselves on the truth before you make ignorant comments!

    I will give another "Amen" to Green Day and their bravity to speak out on the truth !!
  • Casey from Nashua, NhDown with war up with peace Me and Billie jeo will not be silenced!
  • Jc from Orland Park, IlGD is not a sell-out. do not diss GD. 2nd of all "political" is not a genre. Yes, a song can be political but that doesn't make it a genre. You are a disgrace to irish people everywhere.
  • Mrs. Armstrong from Houston, TxHey sorry dudes ya'll are a little off. He's talkin' about troops being on holiday. It's anti war like the whole "American Idiot" cd. By the way I"m a cristian and green day has never insulted my religious values.GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!!!
  • Samantha from Nyc, NyITS ABOUT J.O.S.!! and him partying on the streets of the city after he leaves the city of the damned...
  • Mike from Northvale, NjYes the lyrics tell a story, but they are obviously about the war as well. I'm not even going to bother typing any of the lyrics except these, read the rest yourself. "The shame,
    The ones who died without a name" "Hear the dogs howling out of key. To a hymn called 'Faith and Misery' (Hey!) And bleed, the company lost the war today" Obivously it is about the war and the soldiers who died while the majority of Americans did not care.
  • Jc from Orland Park, Ilsome people, i've been a greenday fan since 1990 and think i know alot more about greenday then some people on this site and gd has never attacked christianity. billie joe once said bush uses his faith as an excuse to just attack countries that arent mainly christian. i know that i true because buth said that he was on a crusade and what was the matchup in the crusades? christians and muslims. i think a bush is a racist pig because i am friends with many different faiths and obviously he cant get along with muslims so what does he do: bomb them!!!!
  • Spalding from Belle Mead, Njimmature songs are a lot better then rock opera and politic songs though
  • Spalding from Belle Mead, NjAmerican idiot is a good cd, but not Green Day's best. I would also like to say that music is an awesome way to get your point across because it gets people to listen and it's far more intresting then the news. The best five punk songs are these: 1.) Anarchy in the UK 2.)White Riot 3.) Blitzkrieg Bop 4.) Minority 5.) Dammit(Growing Up) although i won't be home for christmas and the ballad of williem fink are both pretty awesome
  • Matt from Millbrae, CaIf you listen to all of the songs on American Idiot, they begin to sound about the same thing. American Idiot, Holiday...and so on.
  • Kat from Tbilisi, OtherHey, because Ramones wasn't serious rock group. Don't you know that when Clash and Sex Pistols were coming to USA they were all pissed off because they knew that they s..ed. Tell me Ramones 5 brilliant songs. How can you? When they don't have. Everywhere is only that blitzkrieg bop. And Clash, they were AMAZING. ALL 4 of them. And there songs were The Best. And Green Day is a good band in modern rock. They have political view, and go on the steps of Clash. Billie Joe once said Pedestral belongs to Joe Strummer. Now that rock has attempt to die, they ara one of the good rock bands (from very little number). So viva Billie Joe, Mike and Tre Cool :P
  • Ryan from Bechtelsville, PaIs it me or is the Holiday video supposed to be like a prequel for Boulevard...maybe it was said before.
  • Jade from London, EnglandNathan, Lichfield, London if you can say that "American Idiot" is the worst Green Day album ever you must be completely mad, all their album's are fantastic & every song on every album is likeable you can't choose a favourite! & what's all this about 5 year old's listening to their music, that mean's their attracting a wider audience, Green Day are at their best right now!!!
  • Greg from San Francisco, Cacome on people green day is a kick ass band and holiday is most definetly in the top 5 best punk songs of all time.

    ps.those of us who are liberals tryimg not to offend republicans really need to give it up:we all know that george bush is an idiot and so is anyone who agrees with him
  • Nathan from Lichfield, EnglandAmerican Idiot is the worst green Day album ever, it's turned them into a pop band, you see 5 year olds listening to green day these days. Also i have no problem with people speaking out politically, but green day do it so badly, they have the same political knowledge as a 14 year old. Bring back the moronic, immature songs that green day do best.
  • Nick from Arlington Heights, IlThe "American Idiot" CD will probably always be remembered as the soundtrack of a revolution that should have happened but never did. The resistance to the lies that have been shoved down our throats in the US for the last 4 years wasn't strong enough to win the 04 election. The bad guys won and God help us all.
  • Chandler from Rumson, NjGreen Day Rocks.
  • Nn from Nbn, GreenlandGreen Day is the representative from California
  • Katie from Montreal, CanadaFirst of all, if you're going to be criticizing everybody unneccesarily, at least spell it right. It's pretentious, alright? Second of all, what do you mean "no one should be opinionated enough to say..."? It sounds like you're just being bitter because maybe you don't agree with what Green Day is saying in Holiday. Which is fine; You don't have to agree, but don't be trying to impose those views on everybody else. You don't know for sure that those of us who agree with these lyrics aren't educated from places other than, as you suggest, a "pretensius (look it up it applies) band looking for attention by going political," and "superficial unintelectual misinformed bs". Personally, I get my political information from news sources, and my music from good bands. If those two happen to cross, all the better. I say this song rocks hard, especially in concert!
  • Cody from New York City, NyWhat's the significance of the line 'The representative from California has the floor'? I was thinking it has something to do with A. Schwarzenegger since he's the governor of Calif. and GD also has a song called Governator.
  • Matt from Potomac, Mdlisten, everyone who sees green day as prophets of the intellectual left need to undestand that pretensious "artistry" is just another way for pissed off people getting their feelings across to others. There is so much more to what people on this board have been saying, no one should be opinionated enough to say what has been said on this board; read a book, get an education, understand that instead of reading from a cultural script you can actually learn something on your own instead of formulating your opinions from a pretensius (look it up it applies) band looking for attention by going political. just learn on your own instead of this superficial unintelectual misinformed bs
  • Mark B. Stoned from Desperate Hot Springs, CaI almost completely agree with Zac from Gastonia. Although, I do think that Green Day needs to get rid of the makeup, because all these 80's revivalists are already doing it, as well as all the kids I've seen around town, and it's getting quite annoying. Green Day has always had good lyrics though, whether political or not; just remember songs like "F.O.D." "Pulling Teeth" and "Panic Song".
  • Betsy from Glenview, Ildude im christian and a GD fan.
    best punk songs of all time, 2 me: calling
    2.anarchy in the uk
    5. knowledge
    6.whats so funny 'bout peace love and understanding
  • Eoghan from Portarlington, IrelandThis song isn't punk, it's political, ant music can be political not just punk, Greenday are sellouts
  • Zac from Gastonia, AlGreenday is more punk now than ever in there musical history....Greenday is finally saying something with political meaning in there songs and that makes them more punk than when they sung about masturbation in the old days...And who the hell else dresses like that????????
  • Vera from San Juan Capistrano, CaHey, its me...again. I think i'm obsessed. I got American Idiot about a week ago, and I am not sorry to say that I memorized over half the songs already. All (well, most), of my friends think i'm crazy, but I can't even go to sleep at night without having listened to the entire CD... then restarting it and wearing out the batteries in my CD player because I fall asleep and hate turning off any really good music!
  • Christi from Atlanta, GaI really like this song a lot and I'm Christian and I'm pretty conservative; I voted for Bush. But, I think the song is kinda cool even though I may not completely agree with all the lyrics.
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcHow is basketcase a top 5 song it is a nice song it is decent....But every song on American Idiot is better.....Basketcase is an overated song it is nowhere near one of the 5 best in Punk history and anybody that would think it is doesn't know punk
  • Clay from Bostos, Mai wouldnt include holiday in the best punk songs ever but its pretty damn good (not in order) calling best friends girl
    3.I guess this is growing up
    5.anarchy in the UK
  • Mary from Philadelphia, PaWhen did us "Green Day fans" ever bash Christians? I know plenty of Christians who love Green Day so calm down.
  • Kevin from Fallston, MdBest Punk Songs ever
    1-London Calling
    3-Rock the Casbah
    4-Dancing with myself
    5-Train in Vain(Stand by me)
  • Zac from Gastonia, Ncthere is a difference between christian bashing and simply pointing out where the right-wing nut jobs try to take christianity and turn it into something for there gain....I don't mind christianity I am in full support of it, it helps a lot of people through hard times and inspires faith when there is otherwise none, but it is also wrong for these right-wingers to turn christianity into a tool for political gain....GreenDay did a brilliant job pointing these things out in this song.....Which is my favorite on the American Idiot album and maybe my favorite overall
  • Eric from Springfield, MoThis is definitly the best song ever written by Green Day in my opionion...well mabye at least on the American Idiot album. And btw, im a christian, and I listen to Green Day, and I am not 'right-winged' at all. Thats for sure.
  • Rick from Atlanta, GaStop the Christian bashing already you Green Day fans. My daughter attends a private Christian school and loves them (though to me they sound like a rehashed Clash, or Sex Pistols, who were far more musically innovative).
  • Kevin from Fallston, Mdbest GD song on the album and on my list comes close to basket case
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