by Moby

Album: Play (1999)
Charted: 5
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  • This was released as the sixth single from Play.
  • The track featured Moby's vocals backed by a sample of vocalist Pilar Basso.
  • The song's popularity was enhanced by being featured on the soundtrack of the 2000 movie The Beach and in the UK it became Moby's highest charted song to date. Moby recalled to Rolling Stone: "Strangely enough, that's probably the most signature song on the record, and I actually had to be talked into including it. When I first recorded it, I thought it was average. I didn't like the way I produced it, I thought it sounded mushy, I thought my vocals sounded really weak. I couldn't imagine anyone else wanting to listen to it. When the tour for Play started, 'Porcelain' was the song during the set where most people would get a drink. But then Danny Boyle put it in the movie The Beach with Leo DiCaprio. It was Leo DiCaprio's first film since Titanic and everyone went to go see it. He used the music so well in the movie. I think that's when a lot of people became aware of the record."
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Comments: 3

  • Aleea from Bellevue(not The Hospital)This song will always make me tremble. I believe it to be about suicide. My daughters' ex-boyfriend called her, and then asked her to dinner. She was in another relationship, and declined. He took his own life a week later. We believe he wanted to say goodbye, or reach out for reasons not to.... It's a heartbreak.
  • Daniel from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI love the way the extreme compression over the piano reef acts as a rytmic feature. Great!!!!
  • Adam from Centralia, Waamazing song, favorite by moby, no idea why people wouldnt like it, the little piano riffs are an amazing touch
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