Down at the Whisky

Album: Saints of Los Angeles (2008)
  • The Saints of Los Angeles album is based on the band's best-selling autobiography The Dirt. This song is one of several that chronicles Motley's rise to the top. Bassist Nikki Sixx described it to Rolling Stone as being about "the innocence of starting out."

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  • Mike Pellegrini from BiloxiSixx really lets you know how things were back in the world of the early Crue! Great lyrics and so true!
  • Jason from Aurora, CoI like how they spell it W-H-I-S-K-Y like scotch whisky. That's because Motley Crue has good taste in booze.
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaI use to see the Crue at the Whisky many times before they broke huge, those were the days!!..
  • Dustin from Arcadia,its a (really) good song highly recommended
  • Jessica from Las Vegas, Nvthe 'Whisky A Go Go' was the bands first place to have a gig ((small indoor show)). I havent heard this song before but i am pretty sure that that is what the band is reffering to.
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