The Truth About Men

Album: The Truth About Men (2003)
Charted: 77
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  • If you've ever wondered what guys are really thinking about, it's spelled out in this song. They like drinking beer, watching football, and power tools. They may go out for sushi or talk about their feelings from time to time, but that's only to help them get what they really want: a little lovin' from their lady. That's the truth about men.

    It's all lighthearted and in good fun, the musical equivalent of the TV series Home Improvement.
  • Three of the top Nashville songwriters came together to write this song: Paul Overstreet, Rory Feek, and Tim Johnson. Overstreet writes a lot of songs about family and fatherhood ("You're Still New To Me," "A Long Line Of Love"), but he also co-wrote another knee-slapper: "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy."

    Rory Feek of the duo Joey + Rory also wrote the Clay Walker hit "The Chain Of Love" and teamed with Overstreet on Blake Shelton's "Some Beach."

    Tim Johnson's credits include "Do You Believe Me Now" by Jimmy Wayne and "Someone You Used To Know" by Collin Raye, which he wrote with Feek.
  • Blake Shelton, Andy Griggs, and Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry all lend their vocals to this song, with each getting a line and singing on the chorus. They also appear in the video (directed by Thom Oliphant), which portrays a kind of male paradise complete with dancing girls, a hardware store, and motorcycles.
  • The chorus is a play on three things guys often find themselves saying in an effort to end an argument with their ladies:

    I was wrong
    I'm sorry
    It won't happen again

    Tracy Byrd reveals the truth:

    We ain't wrong
    We ain't sorry
    It's probably gonna happen again

    In a Songfacts interview with Paul Overstreet, he explained how this came about:

    "A friend of mine, Dick Furman, I went down to the Cayman Islands to go scuba diving with him, and Franklin Graham was there too. He was telling us his marital advice: All you have to do is touch your wife, rub her back for 15 minutes a day and everything's going to be great. I was like, 'OK.'

    But they owned this car with another couple, and they took the car to get air in the tanks to go scuba diving. We came back and he told us, 'I'm a doctor, and when I scrub up, if I get there to prep a patient late, they're mad, so I just tell them, 'I was wrong, I'm sorry, it will never happen again.'' That was his marital advice to me and Franklin. That's all you gotta say. What can they say back?

    Well, we were in the garage working on the tanks and his wife comes out with the mad-at-you quick-step, saying, 'I thought you were going to be back in 40 minutes.' And he says, 'Well sweetie, we were back...' He just started arguing with her. He walked away and I said, 'Where was the I'm sorry, I was wrong, it's never going to happen again?'

    So I was telling some guys and Rory, the other writer, about that, and we just turned it around: 'We ain't wrong, we ain't sorry, and it's probably going to happen again.'"
  • "The Truth About Men" is the first single and title track to Tracy Byrd's eighth album. The next single was another manly tune: "Drinkin' Bone."


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