Not The One

Album: Modern Times (1975)
  • It's the kind of grey November day that washes away reflections
    In the eyes of hotel porters
    And the latticed wooden benches by the sea contain no travellers
    Or Irish lady authors

    And the girl in the raincoat walks the lanes of Brighton
    With her collar turned against the wind
    And hovers in the doorways of second-hand bookshops
    Among the dust and fading print

    And you're not the one she's thinking of
    And you're not the one she really wants
    Just a point along the line she's leaving from

    She goes into a cafe, orders tea, looks at the menu
    But there's nothing really on it
    And the place is as deserted as a plaza in a heat-wave
    And the cloth has jam upon it

    But the girl in the raincoat doesn't stop to count the tea-leaves
    Or turn to see the mists around the sun
    For the winter's unfolding around her
    And it's time for moving on

    And you're not the one she's thinking of
    And you're not the one she really wants
    Just a station on the line she's leaving from

    And so you sit there in the middle of the carpet
    With her suitcases around you
    And it comes to you she journeyed to the center of your life
    But she never really found you

    Just another girl in a raincoat
    Who shared the passing of the days
    And you're glad of the warmth that she gave you
    And you hardly need to say

    That she's not the one you're thinking of
    No she's not the one you really want
    Just a point along the line you're leaving from Writer/s: ALISTAIR IAN STEWART
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Rabbi Meyer from Central WisconsinThis is such a great song about relationships - they may start strong or become strong but then "it comes to you she journeyed to the center of your life, but she never really found you." But take my advice, don't play this song for the girl you're about to break up with because of such a sentiment.
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