Jealous Lover

Album: Jealous Lover (1981)
  • Lost and lonely
    Clouds hide the sun
    Out on the highway
    It's all hit and run

    Cold empty nights
    Demons in my head
    It's something I did
    Or baby something you said

    And it's hard to discover
    That you're just another
    Jealous Lover
    And its so tough to take

    But you're making no mistake
    Jealous Lover
    Oh Yeah
    Don't want no other

    Shades of red
    Eyes of green
    Sees black and white
    And there's no in between

    Ask me no questions
    I'll tell you no lies
    Still you keep thinking
    That it's all alibis

    And it's hard to discover
    You're like any other
    Jealous Lover
    And you're saying I'm a fake

    But you're making a mistake
    Oh, no no
    Every day it's the same
    The faces and the names

    How long can I go on
    Playing this game
    So I live for the nights
    Soft candle lights

    Today they love you
    Then tomorrow they might
    And it's hard to face
    Someone else takes your place

    Jealous Lover
    And they're saying that's the brakes
    But I got what it takes
    Jealous Lover, oh oh

    Jealous Lover
    Jealous Lover
    Don't need no, no no
    Don't need no other

    Jealous Lover, yeah
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  • Don from Sevierville, TnI think the guitar riff on this song sounds more like Led Zeppelin than any other songs I've heard by Deep Purple or Rainbow.
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