Album: Can't Say I Ain't Country (2019)
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  • This soulful piano ballad finds Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley and guest vocalist Jason DeRulo paying homage to the fairer sex.

    Women, God-given women
    The reason we're livin' and lovin' this life
    Women, beautiful women
    We're all better off with them right by our side

    The song is a heartfelt celebration of how the singers' better halves and female family members impact their lives. The FGL duo tweeted: "It's a song that just puts women on a platform like they so deserve. "Women" is a tribute to all the women out there... We wouldn't be here without them."

    Derulo added that writing "Women" with Florida Georgia Line was a day he won't forget. "This one is a celebration of every mother, daughter, sister and lover that make our lives worth living," he said. "Where would we be without the women in our lives?"
  • The collaboration with pop artist Jason DeRulo is the latest of Florida Georgia Line's cross-genre hook-ups. Their partnerships with non-Nashville acts date back to rapper Nelly jumping on the remix of the duo's debut single "Cruise," which helped the song find a home on pop radio playlists. Hubbard and Kelley also previously teamed up with DeRulo on the 2014 remix of "This Is How We Roll ." Other times the country duo have worked with artists from different fields include their collaborations with:

    Backstreet Boys ("God, Your Mama, and Me")

    Ziggy Marley ("Life Is a Honeymoon")

    In addition, Florida Georgia Line have also featured on tunes by:

    Bebe Rexha ("Meant to Be")

    Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso ("Let Me Go")

    Chainsmokers ("Last Day Alive").
  • Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley and Derulo co-wrote "Women" with David Garcia and Josh Miller. Garcia and Miller also co-penned FGL's hit collaboration with Bebe Rexha "Meant To Be."
  • The song had been in the making since early in the recording process for Can't Say I Ain't Country. Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley penned it in LA with David Garcia and Josh Miller the same weekend they wrote "Meant to Be." FGL then sat on the tune and waited for the right time to release it.
  • It was Brian Kelley who threw the "Women" title out there and they all just jumped on it. Hubbard told Taste of Country that Derulo "really related as well, he's got a lot of great women in his life."


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